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Doctor Who S1: E7: The Long Game

The other episode I watched was called The Long Game, and it was the one with Simon Pegg.  Basically, the Doctor, Rose, and this other guy they dragged along from the previous episode (who is so insignificant and irritating that I can't even remember his name) go to the year 200,000, where the human race is supposed to be significantly developed.  At least, according to the Doctor's knowledge of history, which apparently isn't so good, cuz everyone is being brainwashed (spoiler!) by this monster on floor 500.  The major issue with this is that if the human race wasn't developing, but was, in fact, 90 years behind, then the history books would have recorded that the human race was, in fact, 90 years behind, right?  So a little wrinkle in the story that nagged a little, but I was able to get past it and actually really enjoy this episode.  Both Rose and the Doctor seemed on a pretty equal footing, while idiot boy ruined everything and got his just reward at the end.  (seriously, why are some characters so stupid?) I feel, though, as if idiot boy was really a pointless person to carry over into this episode since he didn't do a whole lot to accelerate the story.  Every time it switched to his perspective, you just groaned inwardly (or, occasionally, outwardly).  But you do what you can for an episode, right?

But actually, I did enjoy this episode.  I enjoyed the "rebel" lady who was "promoted" to level 500 (and, again, they didn't really explore her whole "rebel" status or point to the episode, but I guess they needed an excuse for her to have a gun), since I've seen that actress in various other Masterpiece Theater productions.  And I enjoyed the reporter lady who saved the day, I thought they did a good job developing her character, even just in one episode.  And the story was interesting, of course made better by the presence of Simon Pegg as the villain's henchman.  It was also interesting how they used the idea of humanity being brainwashed by the media, since that's maybe a little too close to home...

Doctor Who S1: E6

So it occurred to me as I was watching Doctor Who the other night that I could totally be blogging about Doctor Who.  This solves several problems which I won't bother counting now because I'll just think of new ones as I go.  1. It'll give me something to write about.  I often can't think of something to write about.  2.  I'll get more views.  People who visit my blog and see posts about Doctor Who will likely stop and take a look.  Also, I could probably get more of my friends to check it out, if it's about Doctor Who.  3.  It gives me an outlet to rant about Christopher Eccleston and the plot holes in the first season.  Don't get me wrong, I love the show, and think it's great, but there are definite issues sometimes, as well as confusions, and wonderings.  (no, that's not a word but I don't really care) Anyways, this is now going to sort of become a blog about Doctor Who.  As well as thoughts and ramblings (which is a word) about various other things.  So here goes!  

I watched two episodes the other night, and the first one I watched was Episode 6 of Season 1, titled Dalek.  Yes, the episode where the famous Dalek is introduced.  And I was disappointed, I must confess.  Mostly because I'm confused.  The Dalek is iconic, right?  When you think Doctor Who, you think the Doctor, the Tardis, the helper, then the Dalek.  But it took up one episode, and it (spoiler!) killed itself at the end of the episode.  Are there more Dalek?  Or was that really it?  Cuz two whole episodes were spent on those pig people who almost caused World War 3 in episodes 4 and 5, but they're not iconic--heck, I can't even remember their names!  So that was a disappointment.  It's possible it will be remedied with time, but for the moment, that's how it stands.

Another thing that drives me crazy that I've seen a couple of times is how they hint at the relationship *wink wink* between Rose and the Doctor, but neither of them ever confirm or deny it.  Rose has only once said oh, no, we're just friends, but the Doctor hasn't.  So...is he confirming?  Should we, as in debate, accept his silence as consent?  He was torn up about how he thought (spoiler!) Rose was dead, and it certainly seemed like it was legit.  Though, it should be said, I'm not particularly fond of Eccleston as the Doctor, so I often don't feel the emotion he's trying to convey.

Other than those two issues, I didn't have much of an issue with the episode.  I did like the idea of the inner conflict with the Dalek, cuz I really like that sort of thing in villains, or really, any character.  Yeah, it was stemmed (spoiler!) from the Dalek absorbing like Rose's emotions/heart, but it was still believable and well done.  Though his voice was insanely annoying.  I also liked how they made Rose out to be like this ray of light, and like the supreme, super awesome character while the Doctor kinda sucked for much of the episode.  It was a nice reversal.

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