My Technical Week Off of School

Technically I have a week off of school.  Not exactly, though.  Technically.

See, it's the end of the quarter, or close to it, so I have no school tomorrow (Friday).  Then it's the weekend, obviously, but then it's Parent Teacher Conferences on Monday so there's no school then either.  Then I have just a one-hour class Tuesday.  Wednesday I'm taking the PSAT so I have no school that day either.  Then Thursday I have, again, only one hour of class.  So for the next week, I have two hours of class total.

Of course, that isn't including homework...I have a history midterm next week, a rough draft of a research paper due in two weeks, a summary-and-response paper for English to work on, a persuasive speech to start on, and some math...So I'm gonna do like three hours of homework a day or something for the next week.  That should be enough time...right?

With the rest of the time I'll sleep.  Enjoy my time off.  Catch up on shows with my mom.  I have a tournament on Saturday.  I'm not competing, I'm judging, and providing moral support for my novice, Sammie.  She's awesome.  She doesn't think so, but she really is awesome.  A different Sammie than the Sammi mentioned previously, fyi.  It gets confusing, I know.  Just remember, is there an e at the end?

My Beautiful Blog!

 Suffice it to say, I'm pretty stinking happy with the way my blog looks right now.  I've spent probably the last hour on it, so it'd better look good, right?

See, first I thought I'd see if Blogger had fixed the bug that wouldn't let me use my own background.  I'd had another background in mind, but even though Blogger had fixed it, it had to be 1800x1600 to fit it full screen.  I'm pretty much convinced there's not a single picture of the TARDIS that is those dimensions.  So I eventually stopped looking and decided to play around with what I could do.  Long story short, (which includes attempting HTML coding, long Google searches, and lots of frustration and confusion) I got this to work.  And I think it's beautiful.  Let me know what you think!  Also, if you manage to find a TARDIS picture big enough, let me know.

It looks kind of Halloween...that's perfect.


No more one-word titles

Even though I'd wanted to call this one "Homecoming," I realized that the last four or so posts have consisted of one-word titles...

So.  Homecoming.

Homecoming didn't work out the way I'd wanted it to.  See, I had this guy friend who I'd thought might ask me to homecoming.  In fact, I was counting on it.  This was exciting for me because I'd never been to Homecoming before, much less with a guy (even a guy friend).  But then he went and asked someone else.  First sadness.  Then my friend Sammi was going to go with me, but she ended up going with another guy.  At this point, I was sick of homecoming.  Sort of like today, it just sort of got to be too many disappointments or something, and I was just done.  Plus, I was almost completely broke, so figuring out a dress, and a ticket, and everything...would've been too much.

Then to make everything just a little bit worse, another friend really pushed for me to go.  We're talking, offered to pay for my ticket.  But I had to say no.  Because I couldn't let her do that.  And I would've been the only person without a date, as always.  So I had to say no.  Over and over again.  And that just really sucked because honestly (and I hope she's not reading this) I want to go.  So badly.  I just can't, you know? And maybe my pride is involved somehow, but I feel like there've been just too many closed doors...

Anyway, I still feel like crap about it.  It's the third year in a row I've had to watch everyone else get excited for homecoming, and plan everything, and get dresses, and get asked, and...it's just a lot.  So looking at homecoming dresses today kind of made me depressed.  And looking bad in the homecoming dresses made me more depressed.  So if you're reading this and you know me, and you've had to deal with my bad mood today...this is largely why.


It's been a long day.  I've been like dead tired all day, so I haven't been the best I could've been.  So like during school I mostly zoned out during my off period, when I was "hanging out" with people.  Then I got kind of pissed at the world after I took the gifted and talented test today (which was required for the whole school, but not announced until yesterday).  So I went to pay for the PSAT at Rocky, and it was really cold, and I parked wrong.  Then I ran into a couple of my friends, when I'd really been hoping not to run into anyone, because I just felt very out of it, and not myself.  But it happened.  Then I came home, and as soon as I came in my mom told me that we were going shopping.  At this point I was already pissed because my plan had been to be home by 10, at the very very latest, so I could make cookies, and work on an essay, and maybe get to some math homework, while watching Wallander...but instead it was after 11, and we were leaving.

I wasn't super pissed that we were going though.  We were going to JCPenny's, to look for a shirt for my  brother (the stunning duo competitor for forensics), and we ended up looking at some clothes.  I tried on some dresses, but then it was sort of sour because I didn't get to try on the dress I'd wanted to try on, and then all of the other ones I tried on didn't look good.  And it made me feel sad again about homecoming (more on that later).  And my mom thought I was pissed at her, but I wasn't.  I was just tired.  And zoned out.  So we came home, and she went to a meeting.  I made cookies, like I'd wanted, but then my dad came home, and interrupted my plans of watching YouTube videos and listening to Chameleon Circuit/Imagine Dragons (my "My Cold Thursday Playlist").  After he left, and I stuck the first batch of cookies in, I legitimately broke down crying.  Today didn't go how I'd wanted it to, and I just felt terrible.  And that continued for a good hour.

Then my mom and brother came home, and my mom told me that I had hurt her feelings by making her feel like I didn't really want to be spending time with her.  And now I'm just at the point where I'm insanely sick of today and I just want to go to sleep.  Because I'm so tired, and I just feel like crying about everything.

Today wasn't even a bad day, overall.  It was really fun to go to JCPenny's, and look at clothes.  I just...feel a little depressed, and I've been more tired today than I've been in a long time.  Even chocolate chip cookies didn't help.

But we're making homemade pizzas for dinner, and maybe we'll watch something fun.  And at the very least, I have sleeping later to look forward to.  And tomorrow.  Tomorrow should be good.  Better, anyway.



College Speech class, or as it's called where I go, COM 115, is a ridiculously hard class.  Maybe it's just my teacher, who is amazing, but expects a lot of her students.  Anyways...yesterday I spent four hours on my informative speech assignment, finishing up research, filling out an outline, writing a "Works Cited" page, and preparing a power point presentation to go with my speech, which requires a visual aid.  Four hours.  Then, then today I spent another 30 minutes or so, just writing up my speaking notes.  And after my fabulous fish fingers and custard dinner, I have to go and practice the speech, in front of a mirror, in front of my brother, on recording...for probably two hours.  Oh...

It's a fun class, though.  She makes the lectures fun.  It's just a lot of work!  But I'm good at it.  Forensics has helped me a ton with all of it, though, especially doing extemp, cuz extemp taught me attention getters, final thoughts, speech structure, thinking on my feet, confidence, eye contact...pretty much everything you need for a speech.  Not that I"m perfect.  Not in the least.  I tend to stress out over time (something I learned from extemp, but the oppostite).  With extemp, I'm always afraid I'll go under time, so I try to make sure I get over, but with this speech class, I'm trying to stay under time about 90% of the time...which makes me talk faster sometimes, and makes my audience connection a little weak.  Also, my general personality shies away from being animated, and exciting in my speech-giving.  So I have to be someone not myself to actually interest my audience, and give a good speech...

My biggest wonderment though is how much of this class I can transfer to extemp.  Am I allowed to be animated and fun in extemp speeches?


Time flew, huh?  Well, something I learned was that if you don't update your blog regularly, your views die...miserably...So here I am, posting.  I'll be honest:  I don't want to do a review of season 6, chunks or no chunks (still a gross word).  Suffice it to say, it's my favorite season.  And I don't like River as much as I do Rose...it's a problem I refuse to get over.

And...season 7 has started...and ended...I've seen the five episodes that have aired, and they were pretty good.  In fact, I just finished episode 5, the Angels Take Manhattan, like 20 minutes ago or something.  It was really good.  So basically, in season 7 part 1, we encountered Daleks (and *spoilers* Jenna Louise-Coleman before her official debut at Christmas), dinosaurs (on a spaceship), cyborgs, evil cubes, and weeping angels.  And we said goodbye to the Ponds (*tear*).  I'm not terribly sad for Amy, though I did like her.  I'm more sad for Rory, who's in my top two companions list.  Amy is number three.  (Number one is Rose.  Duh.)

Tonight we are feasting on some fish fingers, chips, and custard.  For those of you fellow Americans, fish sticks, french fries, and pudding. The perfect Doctor Who meal.  Now there's 85 days til the Christmas special, when Jenna Louise-Coleman will debut, and the Doctor is in Victorian England.  It looks like he'll be revisiting the Charles-Dickens-era, but hopefully minus the Charles Dickens (the last time we saw Charles Dickens, things got weird--watch Season 1, Episode 3).  But the Doctor gets a bowler hat, so even if Charles Dickens did show, I would be okay.

Let's see...other Doctor Who things...I think that's pretty much it.  Though...

I really loved how the Statue of Liberty was a weeping angel.  I'm sure most die-hard Whovians have seen the meme (either the Philosoraptor one, or the Confused Keanu one) where the memes ponder whether the Statue of Liberty is an angel, but has never moved because someone has always been looking at it...I always loved that idea, and to see it perpetuated...was awesome.  It was so cool.  Signing off!


I apologize...

...for my lack of posting lately.  School just started, and it's not like I'm swamped, but when I have free time, I'm doing homework, or...enjoying my free time...so I apologize.  But I have finished season six for the second time round, and watched two episodes of season seven of Doctor Who, so I have reviews for both of those to do.  I also have stuff about school I could talk about!  But not today.  Sorry.  I must apologize again.  Soon!


Life is good.

Life is really, really good.  See, I'm starting at this new school on Monday, where I'm going to be taking college classes during high school, and I'm really hoping to graduate with my associate's degree.  I went to orientation on Tuesday, and I'm really excited about my English class, because my teacher seems really awesome.  She has awesome hair.  It's funny too, because when I first saw her, I just knew she was going to be my English teacher.  I'm also excited for Public Speaking, because I'm really hoping it'll improve my speaking skills for forensics.  Math will be math, but History might be fun, even though it's US History, and not even the time periods I semi-enjoy.  So I'm excited.  It's a very small school, so I'll get to know the people there pretty well, I think, and I've already pinpointed people I want to get to know better.  

And forensics starts soon!!!  I'm insanely excited for this year.  I'm going to captain the LD team (Lincoln Douglas Debate team), so I'll be teaching/training novices and coordinating practices for the entire year, as well as playing a leadership role on the team overall.  And I'm super psyched.  I've already planned out my schedule/curriculum, and for six days, when I'll probably end up with eight, so that's nice.  Yay practice rounds!  Plus, I'm excited for this year for me, because I'm really going to put my all (what's not being put into school anyway) into forensics this year.  My dream is to place at a big tournament, where I get awarded on a stage.  First would be ideal, but heck, I'd take sixth, as long as I get to be up there.  I also am hoping to qualify to state in LD, and definitely Nationals.  Nationals would be amazing.  I'm also hoping to go on the college tournament trip.  Every year, usually in February, various colleges hold big tournaments.  In the past, we've gone to Stanford, and Harvard, and Berkeley.  This year I believe we're considering ASU.  Which is sort of a step down, in my opinion, but it'll still be good competition, and probably cheaper.  It'll be a great year.  

I also have awesome friends.  I really wish I had more friends who were Christian, but I have two friends who are, that I positively adore.  They're twins, a boy and a girl, and a year above me, but I love them to pieces, and they're hilarious and fun to be with.  They also have a lot of insight, and they've made a huge influence in my life.  Beyond them, I have a few amazing friends from forensics.  One of them is probably in my top two best friends (if we're excluding my mom).  Her name is Sammi, and we rule the Realm of Legitimacy together, kyun ki hum kanuni rahe hain.  Yeah, that's Hindi.  ("Because we're awesome")  But I've spent a lot of time with her over the summer, and she's awesome.  She started vlogging too, and she's amazing at it.  (Her channel is "sammibabby", minus the quotation marks, obviously)  So check her out!  Then I also just have so many other great friends on the team, who are funny, and frustrating, but fantastic all the same.  The other day we had an end of the summer celebration, with Sammi and a couple of others, where we went swimming and went to random places around town, just goofing around.  Today I got to hang out with Sammi and my brother, because we were setting up the forensics room, then we went to Jimmy John's with our friend Jovan, and we just hung out for a couple of hours.  We talked about random stuff.  I just love how I fit in with these people so easily.  I don't have to try with them.  I'm just myself, and they like me.  And that's the best feeling in the world.  

Plus I have an amazing family.  My dad is awesome, and I really love him.  He has always provided for our family, even when it's been hard.  And my mom is awesome too.  Like I said, she's definitely on my list of best friends, and I love her to pieces.  She's home-schooled us for seven years, and now has to say goodbye to us as we go to this new school.  But she's always sacrificed her own happiness and needs for me and my brother, and dad, and she's been the perfect role model for me of a good wife and mother.  And my brother is freaking amazing too.  He's insanely creative, and has a bright future ahead of him.  And he's always been a good brother.  Yeah, he does irritate me for the heck of it like other brothers, but he's always there when I need to talk, and I have more fun with him than I do with nearly anybody else.  

I'm seriously so insanely blessed.  

As a quick addendum, I need to stop announcing things about Doctor Who on this blog, because I nearly always have to eat my words.  Matt Smith has not signed on for season 8 yet, because a season 8 has not yet been confirmed by BBC.  However, it is safe to say that BBC will confirm a season 8, and that Matt Smith will sign on for it.  Just nothing is official just yet.  To be safe, don't take anything I say about Doctor Who on my blog as the official say, because chances are it's not official.  If you want news, just go to the BBC website.


Letter Jacket Blues

I participate in forensics (speech and debate) at a high school in town, and did so well last year (269 points total) that I earned a letter (which was really not difficult).  So, being in possession of a letter, my thoughts turned to a letter jacket.  Letter jackets, or, as I prefer, Letterman jackets, are pretty darn expensive.  I was looking at spending a good $200 on one, so I seriously considered not purchasing one.  But I was going to have a job over the summer, and I had a funny feeling that 10, 15, 30 years from now I would seriously regret not getting one if I didn't.

So I decided to.

I saved up money from two paychecks, and found out from my friends where I should go.  One afternoon we happened to be in the area (not really, we drove halfway across town) so we stopped by.  We went in, and I chose the jacket size, and the patch colors, and the font I wanted my last name to be, and even paid to have my first name embroidered along the edge of one of the pockets.  I paid for it, and they said it would be ready in three weeks.  This was probably the second week of July.

Fast forward three weeks, and you're about two weeks ago today.  I still haven't heard anything.  But I decide to just give it another week, just to see.  When it gets to have been a month, though, I'm starting to get frustrated.  I want my jacket, you know?  And I've had to wait so stinking long.  So my mom tells me I need to call, but then my grandma came into town, and I couldn't really, and when I had time, they were already closed.  So this last Tuesday, I was at orientation for school, and they called!  My jacket was ready!

So after orientation we drove halfway across town once more, to go pick up my jacket.  We were just walking out with it when my mom noticed my year patch, on my right pocket, was the wrong color.  instead of being white, cardinal, gold, which matched the letter, they had done it cardinal, white, gold.  This didn't look right at all, because the jacket itself is cardinal, and it just looked weird.  So I had to go back and tell them they'd made it wrong.  They said that to fix it it would be another five days, if they had the patch in-store, but if they didn't, it would be eight days.

Three to six days left.  No fair.

Doctor Who again

I feel like I've re-entered that phase in my blog where I seriously talk about nothing but Doctor Who.  Yes, I have more to say.  It has been officially confirmed that Doctor Who is returning September 1, as I believe I've already said.  However, the episode names have also changed (but are official now).  Episode 1 is still Asylum of the Daleks, and it premiered recently, to rave reviews (best season opener yet, heart thumping, etc).  Episode 2 is still Dinosaurs on a Spaceship (which I realize now I dreamed about the other night...weird), and Episode 3 is still A Town Called Mercy.  However, Episode 4, which was previously titled Cubed, is now titled The Power of Three, and Episode 5, previously Bye-Bye Pond, is now The Angels Take Manhattan.  That last one makes me pretty freaking excited, because the weeping angels are probably coming back, and it's set in Manhattan (Central Park anyone?), and it's also the one where Amy and Rory leave (and at least one of them dies, it's been revealed), which just makes for possibly the most epic, and most heartbreaking episode ever.

Also good news, Matt Smith has signed on officially for a season 8, which would make him a longer runner as the Doctor than David Tennant, though not quite as long as Tom Baker. If only we could have Matt Smith for 11 years...)  He has also been pitched season 9, which makes it seem pretty likely he'll come back, since he's been in discussions with Steven Moffat and everything, but nothing is official yet.

As far as the blogging of season six is going, I have gotten through three episodes of season 6, so I am very nearly to my cut-off point for what I believe is Chunk #2, so that will probably be available in the next few days, to a week.


Good news!

I hesitate to say this, because I've had to eat my words before, but I have received September 1st as the official day for the premiere of season 7.  So yay.  It's all "official."  I just have to finish rewatching season 6 before then.  I believe it's about 20 days (possibly 19, I'm not sure how to count it).


BBC America: Good new and bad news

The good news?  Comcast, our cable provider, decided not to tell us that we've been paying for BBC America for the last six months.  So we have BBC America, which means we can get Doctor Who when it finally comes on!

The bad news?  I lied.  I really need to stop doing that on this blog.  I lied about when Doctor Who would air on BBC America.  This is because I was given misinformation.  I have several memories of several sources telling me that Doctor Who would start on August 25, but now BBC America is rescinding that date, claiming it was never official.  So now they're using a very vague date of "Autumn."  Some people are saying it'll probably be September, but BBC has neither confirmed nor denied.  So I have absolutely no idea when the Doctor will return.

However, since we have the channel, we will be getting all of the episodes from here on out when they air.  I'm probably going to save all the episodes, and then over Christmas break have some Whovian friends over to watch all of the episodes.  Also, I will be able to blog about the episodes.  Since I realized that over the course of the first five episodes, it will become impossible to post about them without spoilers.  So I decided that I will post about them, with very heavy spoiler alert warnings, so if you can watch them, you can read about it, and if you haven't seen them, you have plenty of opportunity to avoid it.  So we just finished season 5 for the second time round (and it's still amazing) and we're about to start season 6.  When we do, I'll start blogging about it in chunks of various sizes, depending on how much we watch and how often we watch.


20 Days!!!

Season 7 is almost upon us.  It is oh so very close.  August 25, on BBC One, BBC America, and some other channels I won't bother to name.

It is coming.  Season 7 of Doctor Who, with five new episodes.  Basically, what's going to happen, is the first episode, Asylum of the Daleks, will air August 25, and it will be followed by four more episodes the next four weeks, ending with Amy and Rory leaving (and one of them dying) in the last episode.  Then there'll be a Christmas special on Christmas Day, where I'm guessing we'll meet the new companion, played by the lovely Jean-Louise Coleman, and will be followed by eight more episodes directly following.  To get you super psyched for it all, watch the new trailer for the fall half:

The episodes will be titled:
Asylum of the Daleks
Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
A Town Called Mercy
Bye Bye Pond

My Apologies/Steven Moffat is Awesome

I realized that a lot of my posts have been just milemarkers of view counts, and that any readers who come to my blog won't give a care.  So I apologize for the number of those, and I promise those will stop, until I reach my goals of 1,500, and then later, 2,000.  Then we'll see from there.

But so this post actually has a purpose, I decided to also vent my feelings about how brilliant Steven Moffat is.  More so than Joss Whedon.  This is mostly stemming from a debate I had with a friend over Facebook.  Though, it was, all things considered, kind of a pathetic debate, just because I didn't really go all out, I was mostly stating my opinions.  Anyways...I had posted:
There are people I know who will want to punch me for saying this, but...Steven Moffat is a million times more brilliant than Joss Whedon.  Hands down.

So I had a friend, an avid fan of Joss Whedon, post and say she had to fight herself to post something actually civil in response, but that she had to respectfully disagree.  I responded and said that that was because she'd never seen anything Steven Moffat had done, a fact I knew very well.  I've tried to get her into Doctor Who, but she hasn't gotten past the first season, so she thinks the show sucks.  And in the first season, it kind of does...anyways, she asked me if I'd seen Buffy or Dr. Horrible.  Honestly, Dr. Horrible is one of my favorite things ever, but I could care less for Buffy.  I watched about three and a half seasons of Buffy, and loved those first three and a half seasons, but then it just got...weird.  And then when I really thought about it, I found how lame and cheesy so much of it was.  My friend argues that there are deep hidden messages in the episodes of Buffy, and you have to get past what the show, and the individual episodes, are about, in order to get to the message, which is the good part.  But my problem with that is a) I didn't like or appreciate the messages Buffy sent, b) they weren't presented very well, or even very subtly, and were in general, poorly done, and c) I don't want to have to look past what it's all about to get to something remotely good.

While Doctor Who, in general, but particularly Steven Moffat's episodes and writing, don't try to push hidden messages down your throat, but are good by simply being.  And then Steven writes little subtleties into the story, like the Doctor coming to Amy in the forest, after the Big Bang 2, or River's whole story, or how the silence was mentioned back in season 4, that just make you go, oh my gosh, you're freaking brilliant.  And Steven Moffat comes up with brilliant monsters:  The Silence, the Vashta Nerada, the Weeping Angels...you know, the three monsters in contention for scariest monsters of all time...And then he wrote the finales to season 5 and season 6, where there was the jump forwards and backwards in time with Eleven, while wearing a fez and carrying a mop in 5, and then the finale to 6, where...wait, I can't spoil it.  But suffice it to say, it was freaking brill.  It beats everything I saw in nearly 4 seasons of Buffy, and everything I know comes after where I stopped...Steven Moffat is also skilled at nicely building and developing characters within a single episode, evident in Blink, where he made us love two characters we only had 40 minutes to get to know.

And don't even get me started on Sherlock.  Which is insanely brill.  And I'm in love with Watson, especially the guy who plays Watson.  Just...brill.  So brill.

He's pretty brill.  That's my new word, by the way.  I'm trying to be more British in my speech, so I refer to fish sticks as fish fingers, and I'm trying to get used to called french fries chips.  Brill is also a British thing, or so I've heard (from people who are British), and it's short for brilliant.  Brill.

Ten vs. Eleven

I'm sure you'll remember, earlier, I posted about which Doctor I liked better: Ten or Eleven.  The truth is, I've changed my mind.  While I used to think Ten was best, I've switched sides.  Eleven is the best.

If you disagree, feel free to tell me so.  But be prepared for me to disagree with you.

My reasoning?  The depth.  Yes, Ten was passionate, so very passionate, and he had so much conflict, and sadness, especially towards the end of his term.  But so does Eleven.  Remember, he's the Doctor after the passion of Ten, so he still carries that with him.  He has this deep, internal sadness, which he hides behind a quirky personality, and cheerful disposition.  But it's amazing how he can go from telling a creature they're beautiful to being a scary person getting up in their face.  It's like one second he's happy-go-lucky, your best friend, and the next, the true Doctor comes through:  a Doctor who hurts deeply, gets angry, and who will not let you get away with hurting his friends.

Beyond that, though, Matt Smith is a terrific actor.  I thought Tennant was the epitome of a perfect actor, but I've realized that, while Tennant is great, Smith is a stronger actor.  He has the ability to convey so much through just looks.  Not faces, like Tennant.  But looks.  His eyes.  They convey the full sadness, the anger, whatever exactly it is the Doctor is experiencing.  It's amazing.  Plus I think Matt Smith is an awesome person, and I want to be his best friend.

But also, he is totally believable.  I believe him as the Doctor.  More so than Tennant.  When I think of the Doctor, I find that Smith, and Eleven, encompass everything the Doctor is, everything the Doctor should stand for.

Plus he's totally quirky, and freaking hilarious. But he's not just quirky, as I said. Tennant was totally awesome and kick-butt and everything, but Smith is still kick-butt. And better at expressing emotions, and he really, really shows the full-depth of the emotions that the Doctor as a character experiences, both silly and giddy and sorrowful and easily angered.

Tennant, I love you, and you're almost as great as Matt Smith.



I reached this a lot faster than I'd thought I would.  I wonder when I actually crossed the line...I haven't looked at my blog in a few days, so it might have been a while ago.  Who knows!!!  But I'm excited.  Over 1000 views!!!  So, I'd say 1,500 by Thanksgiving...no, Halloween.  1500 by Halloween.  Yay!!!!!!!  Goals are wonderful.


To the lost blog post

I had an entire post planned out.  I was excited to get on Blogger and write about it.  And I totally, completely, utterly, forgot what it was.  I have no idea now.  It might have had to do with Doctor Who, or maybe the Olympics.  Or some deep thoughts about the universe and myself.  I really have no idea.  So I decided that for the sake of trying to remember, I'd dedicate a blog post to the lost blog post.

To the lost blog post:  I miss you.  I can't remember you, but I miss you dearly.  I wish you were here, and I was writing you instead of this eulogy/ode thing.  You were a good idea, and I hope I'll remember you someday.  Until that day, farewell.


Come on USA!

Originally, I'd planned on rooting mostly for Great Britain and India, and the other countries I really love, but, alas, patriotic feelings won out in the end.  We've done brilliantly in swimming.  I'm pretty sure that's where most of our golds have come from, even.  And we did brilliantly in gymnastics qualifiers, we were top qualifier.  But now I'm watching finals, and we are sucking dirt.  I just made up that phrase.  But suffice it to say, that we are really doing terrible.  And it sucks!!!  Hardest of all is seeing like John Orozco, probably my favorite male gymnast this year, trying not to cry on camera after blowing it on both the pommel horse and vault.  It's just sad.  But come on USA!!!  You can do amazing.  We need to beat China!!!  We're actually tied on the total medal count, but China's got us beat in gold medals.  And just the existence of this competitive spirit I have against China increases my belief that the Olympics really doesn't foster international friendship; just international competition and rivalry.  I mean, really, who would think, "hm, we need an event to bring all of the countries together in harmony.  I know, let's create a huge competition, and make the hugest possible deal out of it ever!  That won't increase already existing rivalries, and just foster anger and resentment towards other countries."

Just go USA.  You've got it.


How it's gonna go down...

I'm rewatching seasons 5 and 6, with my entire family, my dad included.  This means that I will get a refresher on season 6, at which time, I will write my final two chunks to finish off the first six seasons.  I can't guarantee a time for it, or even a ballpark.  So sorry.  But then, I will hopefully be able to watch season 7 as it comes on.  We still need to get the channel, but my hopes are high.  Then as those come on, I'll be able to post about them, minus spoilers, so those of you who don't get it can read about the episodes you can't watch without fear of ruining the episodes.  Yay!  Just so's you know.


Yes, I probably am going to post every time I get another hundred views.  Because it's such a milestone, you know?  I've progressed so much.  And I'm so very, very close to 1,000 which is my ultimate amazing awesome goal, for right now.  Let's see if we can get it to 1,000 before school starts, on August 20!  And 1,500 by the time the year's over.  Yay goals!  It'd be cool to reach 2,000 by my next birthday...

Olympics Opening Ceremony

Hello again!  Long time, no blogging.  But I'm back!

So most of you are probably aware that the Olympics started last night, with the famous Opening Ceremonies, in London.  I have not actually watched them yet, so I can't give any details, nor do I want you to give me any details.  However, I am well aware that David Tennant was not allowed to light the final torch...thing (what's the technical term for the final thing they light on the opening night?), and this makes me sad.  Because he totally did, in the past, which...is technically still the past, but it was recent past, and it was last night.  I mean, come on, Doctor Who is virtually their National TV show (I shudder to think of what America's is).  They should honor that by reliving the moment where the torch was carried by the Doctor.  Just sayin'.  It's also lame, because they had planned on doing a Doctor Who montage to the theme music, but it had to be cancelled because the athletes took too long running in.  Darn athletes.  However, there were TARDIS noises during Pearl Jam's performance (I'm pretty sure it was Pearl Jam, anyway) which is pretty cool.  And there's also some picture floating around with David Tennant dressed as the Doctor in the audience.  So some disappointment, but there was also some pretty cool Doctor Who stuff.  And I think the rest of it was good, I just haven't watched it yet.

I've even heard that James Bond was in it...


I've crossed 800 views!!!

Okay, so this is super cool, since I started blogging at the end of April with around 130 views.  It's been about three months, and I have over 800!  So, what have I learned?  Well, actually posting regularly does, in fact, increase your viewing numbers.  But also that it's relatively easy to post regularly.  Just talk about your life, and for some reason, people like reading about it.  Also, posting about a highly popular TV show for a good 5 seasons of it does help.

But thanks to everyone who's read my blog, this has been super fun.  Next mile marker is at 1,000 views!!!  Let's see how fast we can get there!


Chunk 1-- Season 5: E8-E13; Christmas Special

Lots to cover!  But before we begin, fair warning: I will be jumping ahead some, especially towards the end, so if you have not seen all of the above mentioned episodes, I'd recommend waiting to read this post and watch them because they're awesome!

So we begin with The Hungry Earth, an episode where the earth is "eating" people in a small town, where drilling is taking place.  My mom pointed out, and rightly so, that virtually all of the episodes in season 5 and 6 take place on earth, at some point in time.  There's a lot of them, anyway.  Anyways, the cause of the "eating" is people who are living underground, people who lived on earth before the humans, but who retreated underground because of the Ice Age or something.  And they're upset that this drill is drilling into their home.  The Doctor tries to negotiate peace, but one lady is an idiot, and kills one of their people, and they end up having to put everyone into a virtual cryo-sleep.  This episode continues into Cold Blood.  Rory ends up dying at the end of the episode, but before Amy can resuscitate him, he gets sucked into one of the cracks, and is erased from the world.  He never existed, but somehow the Doctor remembers him, because he held onto the memory, while Amy (who we've already sort of seen is slightly weak-minded) didn't.

Next we have Vincent and the Doctor, a pretty cool episode where the Doctor and Amy (without Rory) meet Vincent van Gogh, which they pronounce funny.  I dunno which one is right.  But van Gogh is considered insane, because he claims to see this monster no one else can see.  I don't remember why they can't see him, but the Doctor fashions a machine to see the monster, and they end up finding out he's the last of his kind (a recurring thing in Doctor Who) but I don't think it survived.  They end up helping van Gogh, and when they go back to the future and look at a gallery with his work in it, they see a picture of sunflowers, with the words "For Amy" inscribed on it.  Which is just super special.  It makes me happy.  They showed him his potential by taking him to the gallery and having Bill Nighy tell him how awesome he is.

Next...The Lodger.  I happen to love this episode, particularly the Chameleon Circuit song attached ("Kiss the Girl").  This episode, the TARDIS is acting funny, with Amy still inside it, so the Doctor goes and stays with this guy named Craig, who's in love with his BFF Sophie.  There's this weird guy living upstairs who lures people into his apartment and kills them, or something, because they  never come back out again.  This mysterious lodger upstairs is actually the resident of a spaceship, who needs a pilot to take the ship back out to space.  There's a perception filter making it look like part of the apartment building.  Craig saves the day by focusing on why he wants to stay, which is Sophie.  Craig and Sophie get together in the end, and the Doctor leaves with Amy.  This episode is hilarious, and just makes me want to stay with the Doctor for a couple of days.  He makes good omelets.

Finally...the finale!  First, The Pandorica Opens, followed by The Big Bang.  I love the song by Chameleon Circuit attached to these two episodes as well.  I really just love Chameleon Circuit...Anywho, we must move forward, because tons happens in these episodes.  So.  The Doctor and Amy go to the Roman times, in England, I'm not sure why really, and there they meet River, who's masquerading as Cleopatra.  She tells them that they need to get to Stonehenge, because there all of the Doctor's enemies are gathering.  Daleks, Sontarans, Cybermen, you know the drill.  We also see...Rory!  Who's a Roman.  And awesome.  So they get inside Stonehenge, after scaring off the army forming in the sky, to find what they're all after.  The Pandorica.  It is rumored to have inside it the greatest weapon in the universe, or something like that.  The Doctor is trying to figure it all out, with the help of the Romans, especially Rory, who Amy doesn't remember.  When the Daleks show up, and the Doctor discovers that he is the one who's supposed to be inside the Pandorica.  Rory and Amy get out of there, and are above ground.  The Doctor is locked in the Pandorica.  And Rory has a gun inside his hand.  The reason for this is that this world, this reality, is formed by Amy.  Her memories.  The Pandorica is like the story of Pandora's Box, when she was a child, and Rory comes back because she remembers him.  Every memory she lost to the crack is returning, at the end of time (the second end of time anyway), but it's being used against her.  So Rory ends up killing Amy, even though he doesn't want to, and she remembers him just before she dies.

Ugh.  Almost there.  One more!  And the Christmas Special...oh well.  To sum up this one, let's just use the song.  I've included the link to the video, you can watch it, and lyrics can be found here as well.  It's just so complicated, and this song just perfectly explains it all.

Except for one part, the most romantic thing a guy has ever done for his girl ever.  Amy ended up in the Pandorica, and Rory asked the Doctor if she would be safe.  He hesitated, so Rory, to keep her safe in the Pandorica, waited outside.  For 2000 years.  He waited outside the Pandorica, through thick and thin, and followed it everywhere it went.  He would not be shaken.  And during the London Blitz, the building she was in lit on fire, so he dragged it out of the flames.  He is the Last Centurion, so named because he did all of this while in a Roman's outfit.  2000 years.  Amy is the luckiest freaking girl on the planet.

For the Christmas special, it's basically a very touching retelling of the Christmas Carol, which mostly features the Doctor, and Amy and Rory to a very limited extent.  But it was beautifully done.  Broke the cycle of just okay Christmas specials.

Wow, that was long.  Only two more chunks...ew.

Chunks at a time

I dislike the word chunks, mostly because it reminds me of feces, but it's the best word to use.  So, since I am astronomically behind on my posts, I've decided to just do a few recaps of several episodes at once.  I'll specify in the beginning of the post which episodes I'll be working through, so you don't encounter spoilers you don't wish to see.  My first "chunk" will be the rest of season 5.  The second will be the first 7 episodes of season 6, and the third and final one will be the last 6 episodes of season 6, as well as the Christmas special.  This way I can even jump ahead some episodes, and be able to reference things a little before they happen, especially because so stinking much happens in season 6.  So I'll get right to it!


I have a proposal

I propose we rename the phrase YOLO to KHNH.  Pronounced "Knnh."  Which stands for Kal Ho Naa Ho, which in turn is Hindi for "Tomorrow may never come."  I propose we change it to something that means virtually the same thing, because I figure if I hate the message it sends, it may as well sound cool and be cool, and be associated with Shahrukh Khan.  Wouldn't you agree?  If it's going to suck, it might as well suck less.  I"m going to try to get that to stick.  From now on, we should all say "Knn."  "Wanna go bungie jumping?"  "Sure.  Knn."  People will look at you funny, yes, but only at first.  Once it catches on, you'll be the cool person who was saying it before it was cool.  Hipster points!  

KHNH also happens to be the name of an awesome movie I didn't get to finish watching tonight because it was a library disc, and badly scratched.  It was a three-hour movie and we made it probably two and a half hours in before it really just wouldn't go any further.  So that sucked.  At least I'd seen it before and knew how it ended...But it's not on YouTube, or any of the other Bollywood-streaming websites I know of...so that sucked.  Oh well.  

I can't wait for the Olympics.  23 days!


Why the Spike?

Today's first topic of discussion is a wonderment as to why there was a sudden spike in my pageviews, followed by a deep depression.  Seriously I had 27 pageviews just a couple of days ago, followed by 22 the next, followed by 11, then 6, then 3...it's sort of depressing actually (haha, get it, the depression in views is depressing...see what I did there?).  But more importantly is why it happened like that.  Of course it could be argued that it was entirely random, but I don't like that answer, so I'm going to foolishly assume there is some sort of reason behind it.  That was the day of the infamous OoVoo final showdown.  So that might be it.  People were having the same problems, and somehow just all happened to be looking it up when my posts came up...no.

It was probably random.


You Won't Believe This

The drama continues!!!  I logged onto my computer this morning, expecting an OoVoo-free toolbar, when I realized...it came back!  I totally saw this coming.  But I didn't want to believe it.  So I had to go back to settings, reset up my actual bookmarks bar, with the home button, and, once more, remove the OoVoo toolbar.  What the front door, Google Chrome?!!?!  It's not cool.  And you should know that.  So I have to go remove the program from my computer now...then restart it, so I should probably end this post...But I shall vanquish my foe!!!  Jeez, Google Chrome.  Way to dramatize my life.



Since nobody else had any ideas, I thought I would share some of my ideas of what to do while I have no Doctor Who to blog about.  There's obviously various posts like my OoVoo Toolbar drama and various complaints about the world.  But I was thinking I could maybe continue in the strain of reviews, of other TV shows I watch, or even movies.  I dunno which TV shows, since Merlin doesn't come back until January...I could do Masterpiece Mystery, like Inspector Lewis, with Laurence Fox...who's married to Billie Piper...and had a child on my mom's birthday...it's weird...but I like Inspector Lewis.  And there are four episodes this year!!!  So I could do that.  It'd be fun.  So, good talk.  Thanks for the lack of ideas.

Further Update on the whole OoVoo Toolbar thing

I can remove the OoVoo toolbar from Google Chrome!!!  It's a beautiful thing.  Because otherwise, every time my computer started up again, Google Chrome would forget my settings and add the OoVoo toolbar, so now, the OoVoo toolbar will not even exist!!!  I won't ever have to deal with it ever again!  So that was fun.  There probably won't be any more posts about the OoVoo toolbar, but it was my temporary nemesis, and it has been vanquished, so I thought I should share it with the world.  I'll get to the rest of my Doctor Who posts soon, but probably not today.  But allons-y!


The Doctors: Ten and Eleven

Since I don't feel much like writing about episodes right now, I decided I would put my comparison of David Tennant and Matt Smith here, in the middle of Season 5.  Of course, for me, it's not, I'm near the end of season 6.  Anyways...David Tennant still remains my favorite Doctor.  That being said, I do enjoy Matt Smith as the Doctor.  Very much.  He's just different than David Tennant.  And while I like the different of David Tennant better, the different of Matt Smith is very much enjoyable, and he does a good different.  My friend was saying that she just really loves Tennant, that she's like in love with Tennant as the Doctor, and I agreed, but said that if I was in love with Tennant as the Doctor, then I have a crush on Matt Smith as the Doctor.  He's not as good, but still enjoyable.  I also like how Tennant was sort of the emotion of the Doctor, the passion and the sorrow and everything, while Smith is more of the whimsy and quirk of the Doctor.  He's just interesting.  Not that Tennant wasn't hilarious when he wanted to be, or that Smith doesn't have emotion, but they both are the best at both of those things.  Anyways, I felt that in the transition between the two Doctors, a comparison must be made between the two.  And I absolutely love Amy and Rory as companions, about as much as I loved Rose, and definitely more than I liked Martha and Donna.  So yes.  Rory's my favorite.  I'm so jealous of Amy.  Just sayin'.

Update on Irritation at Google Chrome

So I discovered that if I click the little wrench in the top right corner of Google Chrome, then go to Settings, then Extensions, I can disable the OoVoo Toolbar, the annoying thing blocking the top of my screen that replaced my precious bookmarks bar, and then re-add my bookmarks bar to "always show."  And maybe it's just me, but I feel like having or not having the bookmarks bar is like asking if you do or don't want convenience and wonderfulness in your life.  Like, who thinks, oh, man, I just hate having all of my favorite websites right there so I can just click a button and go to them, I'm going to disable the bookmarks bar.  And who thinks, oh, users of Google Chrome will be glad for us to remove their bookmarks bar and replace it with an utterly useless "OoVoo" toolbar.  Answer:  Google Chrome apparently.  Anyways, all is right with the world once more, and I'm no longer forced to use Internet Explorer.  Yay!  This has actually been a fixture in my life for about a week and a half, I just kept it from you guys to keep you in suspense about what happened with Google Chrome and my missing bookmarks bar...

Yeah, like you guys really cared.  But I thought I would share anyway, because this is my blog, and this is what you do with blogs.

Confessions of a Vamp1re Slayr

That is spelled incorrectly, I am aware of that.

Anyways...so I've toyed with the idea of making my very own vlog.  (that, too, is spelled correctly)  Inspired by such vloggers as Mr Stickm4n, Charlieissocoollike, theDOMINICshow, the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and the VlogBrothers, I think it would be super fun to make a vlog on YouTube.  I would call it "Confessions of a Vamp1reSlayr," since my channel name on YouTube is Vamp1re Slayr, off of my Xbox Live username...and so every episode I would have a confession that I make.  Such things as "I am not a vampire slayer," "I'm sort of a NerdFighter," "I'm addicted to Doctor Who," "I'm addicted to Monster Energy Drinks," etc...But I'm not sure.  I suppose I'm trying to identify my true motives in doing so.  If it's just to be famous and to do it for the subscribers, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, or if it's truly just because I think it would be fun.  I feel I'm leaning to the latter, because I do get attention on this blog, with around 150-200 blog views a month, if not more, as well as with various other activities I do.  And honestly I got the idea when I was just watching stuff.  And it's not like I haven't wanted to do a vlog with fun videos and stuff for a while now...about four or five years...But yeah.  It's just an idea for now.

But let me know what you think, in the comments box!  I feel so lonely when I don't get comments...or followers...So if you like my blog and visit regularly, please, please, comment, and follow, and be a part of the Whovian/Nerdy awesomeness.

Haha, DFTBA.

Doctor Who S5:E7--Amy's Choice

The nightmares!  Well, the Doctor thought it was a nightmare, Rory thought it was a dream come true, and Amy preferred the other world.

The episode starts with Amy and Rory married.  Amy's about 9 months pregnant, and she's baking something.  Rory has a mullet.  When the Doctor shows up to say hello.  They walk through the village of Leadworth, which is admittedly insanely boring, when there's some bird song, and they all fall asleep...and wake up inside the TARDIS.  It takes a second, but they all realize that they had the exact same dream.  Eventually a man shows up (who shows up in lots of things) and says that he's crafted two worlds, and they must decide which is real and which is the dream.  He also said that there was a danger in each of the worlds.  If they died in the dream world, they'd wake up in reality, but if they died in reality, they were dead. ("Ask me what happens if you die in reality."  "What happens?" "You die, stupid." haha)  So they keep switching between the two worlds.  In the Leadworth world, the old people are killing people.  In the TARDIS world, the TARDIS has shut down, and they're floating towards an ice star.

Spoiler time, and usually I'd just do it, but these are important spoilers, so if you're not familiar with the story up to this point, I'd recommend just waiting.  Rory dies in Leadworth, and Amy is destroyed.  She decides that Leadworth can't be real if Rory isn't there, that it doesn't matter if he's not there.  They wake up in the TARDIS, and the Dream Lord admits defeat, but that they are still in danger.  The Doctor realizes a) who the Dream Lord is, someone who hates him more than anyone in the universe and b) even the TARDIS world is a dream.  They manage to wake up in reality, where Rory is waiting.  Amy has made her choice.  She chose Rory.  She still doesn't tell him she loves him.  Then, at the end of the episode you see the Doctor's reflection in the TARDIS, and it changes into the reflection of the Dream Lord.  This suggests that the Dream Lord was the Doctor, who hates himself more than anyone else in the universe.  So sad...

Doctor Who S5:E6--The Vampires of Venice

The Doctor goes to Rory's bachelor party (Rory is Amy's fiance, who we met back in Episode 1, when he was her sort of boyfriend), and gets him to go with Amy to Venice back in the Renaissance as a romantic getaway, a wedding present.  But, of course, wherever the Doctor goes, there's trouble.  He's worse than Miss Marple.  So there are "vampires."  They are operating under the guise of a school, but they are only accepting young women.  Eventually it comes out that they are not really vampires, but are some sort of fish people whose planet was destroyed, and they're breeding fish women to be the mates of the males who are still alive, living in the canals of Venice.  Then they will take over the city.

This episode wasn't great, but it was fun to see Rory.  It was also fun for five minutes when it really did seem that they were vampires, but, of course, that had to end.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not vampire-obsessed, and I'm anti-Twilight, but a Doctor Who vampire would have been awesome.  I mean, they did have a werewolf.  So that was disappointing.  But it was good.  It was one of those episodes where you start to question just for one episode if you really even like the new Doctor, you know?  Up until this point I'd been perfectly fine with Matt Smith, but this episode I just sort of didn't care for him.  He wasn't bad, but I guess memories of David Tennant seeped in, and I was discontent.  But no worries, the Doctor came back in the next episode, with a little bit of the emotion that David Tennant did so well.  Prepare for...

Eyes of the Dome

Guess what I'm doing this summer?  I'm going to be in a TV show!  ...on YouTube.  Yeah, not as cool, but still cool.  It's going to be called Eyes of the Dome, and I'm doing it with some of my friends from forensics.  It's a zombie apocalypse story, and it's going to be awesome!  I get to play this character named Katelyn, who, with her friend Margo, meet a trio of refugees from the Infected.  The Infected were poisoned with a disease that was meant to be used as a weapon, but went horribly wrong.  As a result they try to kill people. So the five of them (Katelyn, Margo, Amy, Mitch, and Haden) are staying together in this house when one day someone from the government lands on their doorstep.  She claims to know secrets about Margo.  When Keith, another government official shows up, it becomes necessary to find a cure.

So yeah.  I could give spoilers but I won't.  Anyways, the main reason for my posting about this, beyond just being very excited for it, is because I'm going to be posting the videos here when we finish them, so you all can see them.  It'll be awesome, so you should come check it out.  And I will, eventually, catch up on my Doctor Who posts.  I haven't seen any new ones since last Friday, and won't until probably next Thursday or Friday, so I'll try to finish it all off.  It's funny because I have a friend who posted about the end of season 2, and how it made them cry on Facebook, when we were on season 1, episode 4.  And now we're way ahead of him.  It's funny.  Anyways, yes, I'll get to those posts presently.  In the meantime, reminisce with older episodes.


Doctor Who S5: E4, E5--The Time of the Angels; Flesh and Stone

The weeping angels!  I actually just went on a poll this morning and voted the Weeping Angels as the creepiest Doctor Who villain/monster.  They were winning by like 60% or something, but I digress.

The Doctor and Amy save River from a ship and join her on an adventure underground.  They've found a weeping angel in a crashed ship--the very ship River was in, actually.  They have a monitoring system that recorded about four seconds of video of the Weeping Angel.  They're trying to figure out what to do, so they resort to River's TARDIS notebook.  They left Amy to watch the video, when they discover that anything that bears the image of an angel becomes an angel.  They discover this too lagte, because the Angel is advancing on Amy, who is now locked in the trailer.  She's also born the image of the Angel.  But she manages to find and use the blip on the tape to get rid of the angel so it doesn't kill her, and they get her out.  They enter the ruins and quickly discover that all the statues are weeping angels.  So the Doctor activates the crashed ship's antigravity and they all go into the ship.  They eventually end up in a forest and Amy must keep her eyes closed or she'll turn into an angel.  When the crack appears!

These episodes are full of wonderfully fun weeping angels frights (again, creepiest creature in Doctor Who), especially when they used the voice of that one dude and were just casually talking about their plans and the people they've killed...it was beautiful.  I love Steven Moffat.  I dunno if he wrote these episodes, but even if he didn't, he's wonderful.  Anyways...there was also a lot of questions raised about River's connection to the Doctor, like all of her terms of endearment.  The question was raised of her possibly being the Doctor's wife, and I really, really, really, just don't want her to be.  I like her okay, but I don't like her enough to be his wife.  You know?  Like, if he was going to marry anybody, it should have been Rose.  Just sayin'... but whatevs.  I'll find out with the finale of season 6, which I'm so close to.  So...the whole crack thing was also interesting.

And the ending...Amy has "decided" what she wants, but the Doctor knows it's just an illusion, which leads into the next episode, where...

Doctor Who S5: E3--Victory of the Daleks

This one was funny.  Just because it was so unexpected.  First, the Doctor gets a call inside the TARDIS from Winston Churchill.  Then Winston Churchill is played by the same guy who plays a bumbling plumber in "Doc Martin," another British TV show.  Then the Doctor and Amy show up to find that the Brits' new weapon is the Daleks.  Then it turns out that the Daleks don't remember the Doctor, or at least, or are pretending to not remember.  That drives the Doctor crazy.  But then, Amy doesn't remember the Daleks invading the world (see season 4.5, specifically the End of Time).  So it's just the Doctor's word...which is exactly what the Daleks wanted.  They needed some sort of verification that they were the Daleks.  Then they made a bunch more of themselves, in pretty new colors.  Then it turns out that the scientist that supposedly created the Daleks was actually a robot created by the Daleks (sorry, spoilers).  This whole episode was just surprising.  And fun, I mean, I love Winston Churchill.  So, good episode.  And there was another crack!!!  Just like the one in Amy's room.  Hmm...

Okay, I'll be honest, I'm writing this after I've seen the entire season 5, and most of season 6, so it's hard to feign suspense and wonderment about what's going on, cuz now I know what's going on.  But whatevs.  I'll keep the suspense up for those of you who don't know yet.

Doctor Who S5: E2--The Beast Below

The Doctor returns two years (again, five minutes) later, and Amy decides to go with him, as long as she can get back in the morning.  They go to Starship UK, a ship travelling the sky after some sort of apocalypse falls on earth.  People are disappearing below, and there seems to be some sort of beast.  Amy, while investigating a tented pair of tentacles, gets taken to a room.  There she is shown a video that tells her she will discover the truth about Starship UK, then will be given the choice to either remember it, or to forget it.  Amy watches the video, and presses the "Forget" button, as indeed does everyone else on the ship who has seen the video.  The Doctor and Amy decide to go down into the belly of the beast--or, rather, the mouth.  The Doctor and Amy escape by making the creature vomit.  Then they meet the Queen of England.  She, too, wants to know what's going on.  They're led to a control room.  They discover that the thing leading the ship is a star whale.  And it's being tortured into keeping going.  The Queen has repeatedly hit the Forget button over the course of her reign.  It comes down to a choice between freeing the star whale and killing the entire UK and letting the star whale be tortured, which causes major conflict in the Doctor.  Eventually Amy must make the choice for him, but what does she choose?

I liked this episode.  I liked how smart Amy was.  Her decision and like quick-thinking and good analysis of the situation was brilliant.  It's not my favorite episode, but I enjoyed it.


Doctor Who S5: E1--The Eleventh Hour

Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor crash lands in a little girl's backyard.  He then proceeds to attempt to eat her out of house and home, and she shows him a crack in her bedroom.  Something comes out of it, but the TARDIS is overheating so the Doctor must leave.  He promises to take the girl, Amelia Pond, with him, and he'll be back in five minutes. He returns about 12 years later.  Amelia is now Amy, and she's a Kiss-a-Gram.  And something has made its way out of her house, the same something from the crack in her room.  And it's changing shape.  The Doctor only has so long before the aliens trying to apprehend the creature destroy the planet in their search.  With the help of Amy and her sort-of boyfriend Rory, The Doctor manages to save the day and retrieve his outfit from the hospital.
Bow ties are cool.  So is fish fingers and custard.


Irritation at Google Chrome

I'm using Internet Explorer right now, because I cannot stand Google Chrome since it changed everything yesterday.  They added a new toolbar thing that got rid of my bookmarks bar I've been working on for forever.  It also cuts off the top of every page, so trying to sign into blogger was a right pain in the butt.  I got sick of it so I'm trying to use Internet Explorer but it's not much better.  The toolbar is crowded, and for some reason it's not picking up my clicking on keys.  It's also irritating to have to fully type in all of my log-in information because it's not saved on this browser.  I'll probably also have to reset up the cookie that doesn't count my pageviews on my blog.  So that's insanely irritating.  I can't edit or remove the toolbar on Google Chrome as far as I can tell, which is lamesauce.  Maybe I'll Google it once I stop being mad at Google...


Doctor Who: The End of Time

I'm gonna be honest, I don't remember this one very clearly, since I've since watched an entire other season of Doctor Who.  But I shall do my best.

The Master has returned, resurrected by an imprint, I'd guess, on his ring.  But something went wrong, and he's a little crazy.  Well, more crazy than before, with an insatiable hunger.  The Doctor teams up with Donna's gramps, Wilf.  There's this dude who is trying to create some sort of machine that will make his daughter live forever, and the Master is kidnapped to try to fix it to make it work.  Of course, the Master rigs it so that it turns everyone on the planet into the Master.  Except for a couple of people, of course, such as Donna, Gramps, and the Doctor.

Now we get to the spoilers.  Over the course of the first part, we see flashbacks and hear voice-overs from the Timelords.  It is revealed that the Master is going to try to bring the Timelords back.  They had put the drumbeat into the Master's head, cuz apparently it's the heartbeat of a Timelord, and set it all up so that they could come back into the present day, bringing everything with them (Gallifrey, the Time War, etc) where they would end time itself and become gods.  They sound like lovely people.

The Doctor has a gun.  With one shot in it.  He struggles a lot in this episode about whether he should kill someone.  Obviously his gut tells him no, but Wilf in a very emotional outburst begs him to kill the Master so he (the Doctor) can live.  And he goes back and forth, first between killing someone, then between killing the Master or the Timelord leader person, finally deciding on shooting the machine that had made the whole planet the Master, breaking the signal to the Timelords, sending them back to die again.

Meanwhile, Wilf got himself stuck in some machine thing with two compartments.  There has to be one person in one of the compartments at all times, so the worker people would switch off, so when one went in, the other could come out. Wilf knocked four times on the window.  He asked the Doctor to let him out.  The Doctor found out that the machine, if it was opened and closed again would release intense radiation, which would kill the Doctor.  He had a little bit of a pity party, which was entirely justified and moving, and, despite Wilf's pleas to let him die instead, the Doctor went in.

And the regeneration process was begun.  Before he died, the Doctor went back and visited all of his past friends for closure.  He visited Martha and Mickey, who apparently got married.  He visited Donna and gave her a winning lottery ticket.  And he visited Rose.  Before she had met him, on New Year's Day.  Then it was time.

And voila!  Matt Smith.  Who's still got legs, and isn't a ginger.


Doctor Who S4.5--Planet of the Dead

I did like this one, though.  The Doctor is on a bus for whatever reason, and he meets a girl who just stole something from a museum.  When all of a sudden, the bus goes through a wormhole and disappears into another world.  There's only sand, everywhere.  One of the women says she can hear their voices, their voices crying out as they die.  The thief, Christina, takes charge.  She and the Doctor get kidnapped by these fly-looking creatures.  They discover a swarm of something that is coming, towards them and opening a wormhole.  They also discover that the sand around them is a planet that was destroyed by the swarm and that the swarm is going to do the same to Earth.
They retrieve anti-gravity claws, attach them to the bus, and they fly through the wormhole.  The hole is closed by possibly the Doctor's biggest fan, ever.  Christina asks to go with the Doctor, but he refuses, because he can't handle losing someone else.  The psychic lady who hears things tells the Doctor that he's going to die, soon, and that his death would be heralded by four knocks...

Doctor Who S4.5--The Next Doctor

The name of this one was incredibly misleading, just so you know.  But anyways, there's this guy who thinks he's the Doctor, and he has this TARDIS which is an air balloon (and stands for something stupid) and has a companion named Rosita.  And a "sonic screwdriver" which isn't sonic.  Anyways, the Cybermen are in town, led by a very angry young woman.  This was, I believe, the Christmas special that did not air on Christmas.  That honor went to The End of Time Part 1.  But this is another "Christmas special" that I just don't love.  It's not a bad episode, I just don't love it.  And it's consistently the Christmas specials...whatevs.  It was a good episode, and a good transition from the season to the rest of the interim, ending with the end of time.

What to do...

So, I realized the other day that I just finished season 4 of Doctor Who, and there's only seven in existence at this point.  Which means that I only have seasons 5 and 6 to watch now, until 7 comes out in the fall.  And once I write about all those things...what will I write about?  I will have lost the essential purpose of this blog.

Though, I guess if there's one thing doing this blog has taught me, it's that it's relatively easy to post two or three times a week, or even a day.  It's gotten me in the habit of writing something, and giving me guilt if I go five days without posting.  So I will be relying on that when I run out of Doctor Who to post about.  I can post about funny YouTube videos, my Doctor Who withdrawals, issues with the world that have nothing to do with politics...it'll be good.

But...if you have ideas, please share them!  Maybe for another series.  So instead of randomness, I'd once more have something regular.  So if you have an idea for a series of blog posts I could do, or just for stand-alone blog posts, please share!  You can just comment on this post or any other with your idea, and I will probably take it at some point.

But I still have some Doctor to write about yet!  Onwards...

Doctor Who S4: E12--The Stolen Earth; E13--Journey's End

Wow.  These episodes are insane.  Everyone comes back, and everything happens.  But I'll do my best.
The earth is stolen.  Literally just removed form orbit and stuck in the middle of a bunch of other planets.  Harriet Jones, Former Prime Minister, returns and contacts Martha, Captain Jack, and Sarah Jane (who's weird).  Rose watches their conversation.  They need to get the Doctor down to earth, but he can't get there because they're stuck in a pocket of time.  So they triangulate a phone signal from every phone on earth.  The Daleks, who are responsible for this mess, as they are in nearly every season finale up to this point, track the signal to Harriet, and exterminate her.  But Torchwood continues the signal, and the Doctor manages to use the signal to take him to earth.  Rose leaves to go find him.

They got to see each other.  It was so wonderful and happy.  David Tennant is such brilliant actor.  Anyways, as they were running towards each other, the Doctor got exterminated.  He was carried back into the TARDIS by Rose with Mickey and Jackie's help.  He regnerated, but transferred his regeneration energy into his decapitated hand, which had, up to this point, sat in a corner of the TARDIS.  And he stayed the same.

Martha, meanwhile, is going to Germany to trigger the AusterHagen key (sp?  I don't speak German!), which will blow up the earth, and disrupt the Daleks' (really, Davros' ((the creator of the Daleks)) ) weapon which will destroy reality.  I won't spoil the ending, but it was really good.

Overall, I really enjoyed these episodes.  Really, I really enjoyed this season, once Donna stopped being irritating.  It was just such a good season that really framed the finale perfectly.  Really.  And they resolved the Rose thing perfectly (hint: she doesn't die).  It was just so well done, and sad, and it made me cry, especially the part with Donna's Gramps.  It was perfect.  A little confusing, but perfect.

We've reached the Journey's End
Having a laugh inside the TARDIS.
Though it didn't make much sense,
It's always nice to see them Daleks.
~Journey's End by Chameleon Circuit


Doctor Who S4: E11--Turn Left

Donna gets persuaded to enter a fortune teller's tent, where she's forced to change her past, and therefore the future.  She never meets Lance, so never meets the Doctor, so never helps with various things there.  And because Donna wasn't there, there was no one to stop the Doctor when he was killing the Raknoss, so he died, and so didn't stop a number of things he did stop with Rose and Martha.  So the world falls apart, and the Holocaust starts again, but not just with Jews.  Then Rose comes back.  She tells Donna that the stars are going out, that the darkness is coming.  That Donna changed the past, but needed to go back and turn left, not right, to set the world okay again and get the Doctor back, to mend the future.  So they do.  Simple as that.  But this was a very dark episode, too, because the world was falling apart, and there was a very moving part when the lively foreign people living with Donna were sent off to labor camps.  That's what they were called last time.

Doctor Who S4: E10--Midnight

To begin, this is definitely my favorite episode.  It was amazing.  And it had Colin Morgan, who plays Merlin in the BBC series, and I love him, so that was definitely part of it.

So the Doctor and Donna are on this planet, taking a vacation.  Donna stays behind to stay at a spa and rejuvenate.  The Doctor decides to go on a tour of the planet, to see the diamonds on the planet.  This episode was just so wonderful.  Everyone is very awkward on the shuttle at first, but then the Doctor (who is obviously an extrovert) starts talking to everyone, and they're all laughing and having a good time.  And Colin Morgan is being awesome and Goth, and wonderful.

When the shuttle shuts down.  It just stops working.  The stewardess says that it's just part of a routine check, nothing to worry about, but the Doctor isn't fooled.  He goes back, using his Psychic Paper and discovers that nothing happened.  It just stopped.  They open the front to look at the planet.  It is gorgeous.  The diamonds form large formations (which is redundant I suppose), and the Doctor and two captains/pilots just stare at the beauty.  Then one of them sees a shadow.  It moves.  Then they close it again, and the Doctor goes back out and confirms what the stewardess had said.  He guaranteed nothing was wrong.  Right at that moment something crashed into the side of the shuttle.  Famous last words.  Eventually whatever it is outside (after some truly brilliant creepy stuff happening) gets inside, and goes inside one of the people on the shuttle.  It repeats everything they say, then says it at the same time as them.  They all want to throw her out of the shuttle, but the Doctor won't let them.  The creature is making them all argue.  Eventually the creature steals the Doctor's voice, and convinces everyone that the Doctor has the creature now...I'm not gonna spoil the ending.  But I love this episode.  Love it.  It was so intense.  This is also the episode where the darkness that kind of pervades the next six or seven episodes begins, as it steadily gets darker and darker and darker until the End of Time.

Impatience. AKA Doctor Who S4: E7-E9

Augh!!!  I don't want to write about episodes 7, 8, and 9, but just want to skip ahead to all of the craziness that begins in episode 10 and doesn't end until the End of Time.  But I have to.  So I'm hereby clumping those episodes into this one post, to make it go faster.  Not that it will be faster, but it's the illusion that counts.

Episode 7: The Unicorn and the Wasp.
Agatha Christie!!!  I love her.  The Doctor and Donna go back to the 1920's to see Agatha Christie, the day she mysteriously vanishes.  There's a huge wasp, and it turns into a wonderful murder mystery, culminating in the stereotypical Agatha Christie fashion.  Everyone gathers in the drawing room (or, occasionally, the parlor) and one by one they have some secret revealed, ending in the revealing of the murder.  This was a style particularly favored by Poirot, actually.  He's cool, too.  Anyways, this was a fun episode.  I loved how Donna kept making references to Christie's books which she hadn't written yet, and the Doctor had to keep going "Not yet."  It was funny.

Episode 8:  Silence in the Library.
This was interesting.  There is something, in the shadows, eating people.  If you have more than one shadow, you're about to get eaten.  The Doctor teams up with some archaeologists, led by the mysterious River Song (with a TARDIS journal that I envy) to fight off the Vashta Nerada (which is a very Indian-sounding name), the creatures in the shadows at a huge library.  One by one the whole crew gets picked off.  There's also this strange other world that seems to be linked to the Library by a little girl who can control what happens in the Library.  Donna disappears...

Episode 9: Forest of the Dead.
...and reappears in the other world.  She gets married, pregnant, and has children in a matter of seconds.  She's obviously being brainwashed by Dr. Moon.  Meanwhile, back in the library, people are still dying.  One of the more obnoxious archaeologists reveals that the alternate world is a save haven for his little sister (or some other relative), so she could stay alive, and have the library to keep her happy because she loved books.  And she's saving people in the library from the Vashta Nerada by beaming them into her alternate world, which is what  happened to Donna.  Donna meanwhile meets one of the archaeologists, who explains what's going on, but Donna doesn't believe her (she finds it hard to believe that her children are non-existent) and so she doesn't get out until the Doctor and River Song beam everyone back.  River Song does so by killing herself.  The Doctor eventually manages to save her by using her imprint in the sonic screwdriver he apparently gives her in the future at some point.  She knows a ton of stuff about him, and obviously knows a future Doctor, all of which information she records in her journal that looks like a TARDIS.  The Doctor, despite being severely tempted (as anyone would be) doesn't open it and read it.  Spoilers.


Doctor Who S4: E6--The Doctor's Daughter

It's a girl!  The Doctor has a daughter, born from entirely his own DNA.  And there is the threat of war between the Hath and some humans who are stupid and are birthing people at impossible speeds. Martha (who happened to be in the TARDIS when it mysteriously took off) makes friends with a Hath who ends up dying trying to save her.  It turns out that this war between the Hath and the humans has been going on for a week tops, which to them has been several generations.  It ends, and the Doctor's daughter (who has two hearts, like him) ends up dying.  They don't think she's going to regenerate, so they leave her, after the Doctor has his little pity party which really was moving.  I didn't cry or anything, but I wasn't irritated by the sentiment so I consider it to have been well done.  I'm just sort of that way.  Then (spoiler!) after they take Martha home and everything, the Doctor's daughter wakes up, having regenerated (but not changed form...whatevs) and goes off in a spaceship to follow in her father's footsteps.  She comes back later, but idk when.  We'll see.  Onwards!

My Favorite Vloggers

This is a detour from my usual topic.  Today (or at least in this post) I will be talking about Vloggers I particularly enjoy.  The first is Charlie McDonnell.  I'm sure you've heard of him.  If not, you're probably in the minority.  Charlieissocoollike is his channel name.  He blogs about many things, mostly nerdy things, like Doctor Who.  Charlieissocoollike is also part of a band that performs "trock," that is, "timelord rock."  AKA, songs about Doctor Who.  It's called Chameleon Circuit, and my absolute favorite song right now is by them, called "Exterminate, Regenerate."

Another vlogger I enjoy who is very cool, is MrStickm4n.  MrStickm4n's channel is called Stickm4nPr0ductions, and he vlogs about many things, mostly nerdy.  He is not part of a band, but also records videos about Minecraft.  He is rather skilled at making and crafting things on the game, and he's recorded several videos about his "adventures."  The series is called the Great Stickm4n Adventure.  I'd definitely recommend checking him out.  He has two blogs.  One is a "pleasure" blog, where he posts about random things, while the other is particularly related to his vlogging.  Often on this second blog he will post videos you cannot get on YouTube, so it's definitely worth checking out. Some of his posts are old, but he has expressed an interest in posting more, especially if he knows his blog is being viewed.

So, back to Doctor Who.

A link to the acoustic version of the song I mentioned:

And both links to Stickm4n's blogs:


SPOILER! The Re-Appearances of Rose

If you've seen the season 2 finale of Doctor Who, then you'll know that Rose was transported into an alternate dimension, along with Mickey, her mom, and her dad.  After a gut-wrenching good-bye, Rose disappeared, never to be found again.  I, personally, have loved seeing the Doctor's reaction to it, how destroyed he is by it, and yet how he keeps it together.  I love it when he says her name, because when he says it, there's so much emotion.  Yeah, I know.  But whatevs.

So, anyways, since Episode 1, Partners in Crime, Rose has made appearances in various episodes.  Her first appearance was at the end of that episode, when Donna talked to her, and afterwards Rose just disappeared.  Her next appearance was in Episode 5, when Donna was watching the screen in the TARDIS during a transmission between the Doctor and the Sontaran.  Rose's face appeared on the screen before Donna looked.  She mouthed the word, "Doctor!"  Her next appearance was in Episode 10, Midnight (which I'll get to soon) when she appeared on a TV screen while the Doctor's back was turned.  She mouthed "Doctor!  Doctor!"

Having seen the previews for the next episode, Episode 11, Turn Left, I know Rose returns for real.  And I'm thrilled.  I've missed her so much, and dealt with withdrawals while trying to make do with Donna and Martha, who just aren't the same.  My mom thinks that Rose has to die, or no one can ever move on, just as I haven't been able to move on.  She's probably right.  If she just goes back to the alternate dimension at the end of the season, it won't change anything for me, and I'll just keep pining.  So we'll see.  I'm excited.  But I thought I should devote a post to doing these appearances justice.

Doctor Who S4: E4, E5--The Sontaran Strategem; The Poison Sky

I lied.  I am on Episode 11.  IMDb doesn't count the Christmas special as an episode, while Netflix does, and according to IMDb, I'm on episode 11.  Anyways, onwards...

Another two-part episode.  I swear, I've never seen a TV show that did anywhere near as many two- and three-part episodes as this one.  It's amazing really.  Anyways, the Sontaran have joined forces with an idiotic, socially stunted genius to take over earth through the cars of earth.  All the cars on the planet release a toxic gas that will allow the Sontarans to clone themselves and thereby take over earth.  Martha comes back, and ends up being cloned and made evil by the Sontarans, but of course the Doctor realizes because he's awesome, and saves her, and Donna gets saved, having been put in the TARDIS, then transported to the Sontaran satellite in earth's orbit.  Good episodes, I liked them, and they're where Donna started to become tolerable.

Doctor Who S4: E3--Planet of the Ood

Top 7 Reasons I Didn't Like This Episode (in no particular order)
1. The Ood are creepy looking.
2.  Their singing is both creepy and girlish.
3.  This episode was far too sentimental.
4.  It tried far too hard to push a message.
5.  Donna was irritating and just needed to decide if she was going to stay with the Doctor or not.
6.  The Indian woman let me down.  And when I thought she had a chance for redemption, she died.
7.  It was a weird ending.

Doctor Who S4: E2--Fires of Pompeii

I lied.  I'm not on Episode 11, it's actually Episode 10, but IMDb threw me off because it counts the Christmas Special as Episode 1, while Netflix does not.  Just needed to clear my conscience.

So...the most irritating thing about this episode was the treatment of Latin.  Because I, in fact, spent several years studying Latin (not that I'm an expert or anything) and the mispronunciation of "Veni, vidi, vici," and its use was frustrating, to say the least.  (In Latin, v's are pronounced like w's, and c's are hard, so it would be Weni, Widi, Wicki, meaning, I came, I saw, I conquered)  But I thought it was funny that every time they used a Latin phrase (that one excluded) it was assumed they were Gaelic.  Celtic, sorry.  Very similar though, in my defense.

But on to the episode!  This episode was largely irritating to me because Donna just could not get it through her thick skull that the Doctor couldn't screw with time by preventing the eruption of Pompeii.  It's like, have you never seen a time travel movie in your life?  People screw stuff up all the time.  And even when he explained it, she just wouldn't shut up about it.  And then the part at the end (spoiler!) when they were leaving, you'd think that if the Doctor really does see everything as either fixed or in flux, then he would have seen that that family was in flux, and could be saved, and wouldn't have needed Donna to make him go back.  So that was a flaw in the story.  But whatevs.  Good episode, otherwise.  It was really interesting.

Doctor Who S4: E1--Partners In Crime, AKA, My Feelings About Donna

This episode made me slightly afraid of losing weight, I'll be honest.  Oh, and both Kirby and the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

Donna returns, looking for the Doctor.  So she's on the trail of a fishy pill that makes the weight "fall off."  Literally.  Turns out, the Doctor is too, and they end up joining together.

I should pause to explain something.  I watched this episode about two weeks ago (that's my guess anyway), and at the time I just really did not like Donna, so I'll say I don't like Donna when writing about these episodes, but I eventually got over that and started to like her, though I almost hate myself for it.  I always hate when I hate someone then end up liking them.  I feel like such a hypocrite.  Anyways, in this episode, and the next few I didn't like Donna.  I felt she was annoying, and just complained about the Doctor and everything he did, and was far, far too sentimental and touchy-feely for my tastes.  But she got better.  She stopped complaining about everything, and threatening to go home.  I think it was after episode 4 that I started to like her and enjoy her and the Doctor's relationship and little stuff.  It's fun now.  So yes.  That was that episode.  She decided to go with the Doctor, obviously.  And she's the new companion.

Doctor Who S4 Christmas Special

The Doctor is on the Titanic.  No, not the ship Titanic that sank a hundred years ago.  A spaceship named after that ship, which is sort of a cruise vessel.  I didn't really like this episode.  It was really predictable (though I didn't, and, indeed, couldn't have noticed that the owner of the stand was Donna's grandfather--spoiler!) and boring.  Yeah, I didn't love it.  The only Christmas special I've really enjoyed was the one where David Tennant was introduced...anyways...onwards!

Doctor Who S3: Season Finale, Parts 1, 2, & 3

I have a lot to cover (being on about episode 11 of season 4), so I'm lumping these three episodes together.  This is okay, really, because the finale of season 3 is really a three-parter.  Beginning with Utopia.  The Doctor and Martha are hitchhiked by Captain Jack, who's back, and incapable of dying. So they run away from these vampire things, and take refuge in a ship that is supposed to go to Utopia.  They help this weird doctor/professor dude launch the ship.  In this process, Jack finds out what happened to Rose, Martha makes a friend.  Oh, and another Timelord rises.  Then regenerates.  Then runs away with the TARDIS.  This episode ends.

The Sound of Drums.  Said Timelord (who's evil and calls himself the Master) is the Prime Minister of England (I'd assume after Harriet Jones resigned, because I don't think she could have finished her term...) and Martha's family is all kidnapped.  So then this plan the Master has sort of comes out, cuz there are these little metal ball things that look like the Oracle from Halo who want him to do something (presumably take over earth for them).  And...everyone goes up in this huge Avengers-esque ship in the sky, and the Doctor gets captured by the Master, and made old...honestly, I'm just going to overlap into the final episode, because I'm not sure where the gap is...So yes, the Doctor is made old in varying stages.  First he's just made like 100 or something, but then the second time, he's made 903, the Doctor's actual age.  And he's super tiny now.  Anyways, Martha escapes and goes around the world, to help set up a plan the Doctor came up with.  Oh, and Jack is also captured, but no one cares cuz he can't die.  So then Martha gets captured, and the Master tries to execute his plan, but then the Doctor's plan triggers, and every single person in the world (a number that is smaller, by the way--oh, and the TARDIS is being transformed into a paradox, which is significant, but I never really understood it so whatevs) thinks the words "the Doctor" and creates a telepathic field that saves the Doctor and makes him young again, and then the Master is defeated, and then he gets shot, and the Doctor tries to get him to regenerate, but the Master is smart, and doesn't.  Just to hurt the Doctor, he decides to die.  I thought that was brilliant (sad, but brilliant).  So then, as far as we know, the Doctor is, again, the last Timelord.  The paradox in the TARDIS does something, and everything goes back to where it was before the whole Master thing happened.  So the world isn't half in ruins, and the Master isn't the Prime Minister, but the elections are going on.  So, yes.  

Martha decides to stay behind and do her medical stuff to become a doctor.  Then Jack is musing about his inability to die, and if that means he'll live forever.  Maybe he'll live millions of years.  And what'll he look like.  The Doctor says he can't know.  
Jack: Ok, vanity, sorry. Yeah... can't help it. Used to be a poster boy when I was a kid, living in the Bo-shang peninsula... tiny little place. I was the first one ever to be signed up for the Time Agency, they were so proud of me. The Face of Bo they called me... hummm! I'll see you! [Author's note: thanks to IMDb for this quote!]

So...Captain Jack is the Face of Bo.  That's freaking crazy!  We all sort of freaked out (as, indeed, did the Doctor and Martha haha)  That was a fun ending.  So, going into the Christmas special, the TARDIS crashes into the Titanic.  I love this show.  


Doctor Who S3: E10--Blink

It's Blink!!!  Okay, before we begin, I'd just like to say that I had a great deal of anticipation for this episode, having seen a meme one of my friends posted that had Philosoraptor on it, and it said, "What if the Statue of Liberty is a weeping angel, but someone has always been looking at it."  So naturally I was confused, and I looked up weeping angels on Wikipedia, and discovered that weeping angels are from Doctor Who, and premiere in Season 3.  So I found out the episode, and have been waiting anxiously for it since season 1, I believe.  So, naturally, the entire world conspired against me watching it.  We watched all the episodes (around five or six of them) all leading up to Blink, and then we couldn't watch any the next day, and every time I thought we might have a chance to watch an episode, something would come up and it wouldn't happen.  But I finally watched it!!!

And it didn't disappoint.  The weeping angels are freaking terrifying.  They did this episode brilliantly. The way they had character development, and dealt with the weird time stuff, and then the scene with the flickering lightbulb and four weeping angels was freaking fantastic.  It was one of the best Doctor Who episodes ever.  So yes.  I won't give a synopsis of this episode, you just have to watch it.  To give anything away would ruin the experience.

Doctor Who S3: E8--Human Nature; E9--The Family of Blood

Wow.  This episode.  Wow.  It was interesting.  Good interesting.  So the Doctor turned himself into a human, and fell in love with this nurse, while Martha is his maid, and remembers everything, while the Doctor has forgotten everything.  Then Will Scarlett (sorry, some dude) gets possessed by some thing, as well as some other people.  They're after the Doctor.  So then Thomas Sangster's character finds a watch which contains the Doctor's essence, and he's supposed to open it when "the time comes."  And then the human Doctor is afraid of turning back into the other Doctor, and leaving his lady friend alone.  I thought this was interesting.  Usually I'd find this sort of thing irritating, but I sort of enjoyed...no, appreciated this.  Because the Doctor has wondered/lamented more than once that he could never have a normal life, and he actually had a normal life that was cut short, obviously, but then we could see him getting married, having kids, growing old...you know, it was sort of fun, and interesting to be able to see this human side of the Doctor.  Not bottling things inside, but feeling fear, and everything.  It was just sort of cool you know?


Doctor Who S3:E7--42

Well, gee, what did this episode remind me of?  Let's see, what do we have...a random ship which the Doctor and his companion come to, which is in danger of calamity very soon; the TARDIS is gone; there's some sort of disease which strikes and leaves one member of the crew; members of the crew die...sound familiar?  Yeah, we ran into this exact formula in season 2, with the Satan Pit.  The difference?  Instead of a black hole, it was the sun.  The living thing that possessed them wasn't "Satan," it was the sun.  And instead of Rose, it was Martha.  Otherwise it was pretty much the same.  But yet, I liked this one better.  I so didn't figure out the sun was alive until the end, and I loved that twist.  Loved it.  It's so interesting.  And I totally saw that thing between Martha and what's-his-face coming.  So saw it coming.  So yeah, I did like this one better than the Satan Pit.

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