20 Days!!!

Season 7 is almost upon us.  It is oh so very close.  August 25, on BBC One, BBC America, and some other channels I won't bother to name.

It is coming.  Season 7 of Doctor Who, with five new episodes.  Basically, what's going to happen, is the first episode, Asylum of the Daleks, will air August 25, and it will be followed by four more episodes the next four weeks, ending with Amy and Rory leaving (and one of them dying) in the last episode.  Then there'll be a Christmas special on Christmas Day, where I'm guessing we'll meet the new companion, played by the lovely Jean-Louise Coleman, and will be followed by eight more episodes directly following.  To get you super psyched for it all, watch the new trailer for the fall half:

The episodes will be titled:
Asylum of the Daleks
Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
A Town Called Mercy
Bye Bye Pond

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