Doctor Who again

I feel like I've re-entered that phase in my blog where I seriously talk about nothing but Doctor Who.  Yes, I have more to say.  It has been officially confirmed that Doctor Who is returning September 1, as I believe I've already said.  However, the episode names have also changed (but are official now).  Episode 1 is still Asylum of the Daleks, and it premiered recently, to rave reviews (best season opener yet, heart thumping, etc).  Episode 2 is still Dinosaurs on a Spaceship (which I realize now I dreamed about the other night...weird), and Episode 3 is still A Town Called Mercy.  However, Episode 4, which was previously titled Cubed, is now titled The Power of Three, and Episode 5, previously Bye-Bye Pond, is now The Angels Take Manhattan.  That last one makes me pretty freaking excited, because the weeping angels are probably coming back, and it's set in Manhattan (Central Park anyone?), and it's also the one where Amy and Rory leave (and at least one of them dies, it's been revealed), which just makes for possibly the most epic, and most heartbreaking episode ever.

Also good news, Matt Smith has signed on officially for a season 8, which would make him a longer runner as the Doctor than David Tennant, though not quite as long as Tom Baker. If only we could have Matt Smith for 11 years...)  He has also been pitched season 9, which makes it seem pretty likely he'll come back, since he's been in discussions with Steven Moffat and everything, but nothing is official yet.

As far as the blogging of season six is going, I have gotten through three episodes of season 6, so I am very nearly to my cut-off point for what I believe is Chunk #2, so that will probably be available in the next few days, to a week.

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