Life is good.

Life is really, really good.  See, I'm starting at this new school on Monday, where I'm going to be taking college classes during high school, and I'm really hoping to graduate with my associate's degree.  I went to orientation on Tuesday, and I'm really excited about my English class, because my teacher seems really awesome.  She has awesome hair.  It's funny too, because when I first saw her, I just knew she was going to be my English teacher.  I'm also excited for Public Speaking, because I'm really hoping it'll improve my speaking skills for forensics.  Math will be math, but History might be fun, even though it's US History, and not even the time periods I semi-enjoy.  So I'm excited.  It's a very small school, so I'll get to know the people there pretty well, I think, and I've already pinpointed people I want to get to know better.  

And forensics starts soon!!!  I'm insanely excited for this year.  I'm going to captain the LD team (Lincoln Douglas Debate team), so I'll be teaching/training novices and coordinating practices for the entire year, as well as playing a leadership role on the team overall.  And I'm super psyched.  I've already planned out my schedule/curriculum, and for six days, when I'll probably end up with eight, so that's nice.  Yay practice rounds!  Plus, I'm excited for this year for me, because I'm really going to put my all (what's not being put into school anyway) into forensics this year.  My dream is to place at a big tournament, where I get awarded on a stage.  First would be ideal, but heck, I'd take sixth, as long as I get to be up there.  I also am hoping to qualify to state in LD, and definitely Nationals.  Nationals would be amazing.  I'm also hoping to go on the college tournament trip.  Every year, usually in February, various colleges hold big tournaments.  In the past, we've gone to Stanford, and Harvard, and Berkeley.  This year I believe we're considering ASU.  Which is sort of a step down, in my opinion, but it'll still be good competition, and probably cheaper.  It'll be a great year.  

I also have awesome friends.  I really wish I had more friends who were Christian, but I have two friends who are, that I positively adore.  They're twins, a boy and a girl, and a year above me, but I love them to pieces, and they're hilarious and fun to be with.  They also have a lot of insight, and they've made a huge influence in my life.  Beyond them, I have a few amazing friends from forensics.  One of them is probably in my top two best friends (if we're excluding my mom).  Her name is Sammi, and we rule the Realm of Legitimacy together, kyun ki hum kanuni rahe hain.  Yeah, that's Hindi.  ("Because we're awesome")  But I've spent a lot of time with her over the summer, and she's awesome.  She started vlogging too, and she's amazing at it.  (Her channel is "sammibabby", minus the quotation marks, obviously)  So check her out!  Then I also just have so many other great friends on the team, who are funny, and frustrating, but fantastic all the same.  The other day we had an end of the summer celebration, with Sammi and a couple of others, where we went swimming and went to random places around town, just goofing around.  Today I got to hang out with Sammi and my brother, because we were setting up the forensics room, then we went to Jimmy John's with our friend Jovan, and we just hung out for a couple of hours.  We talked about random stuff.  I just love how I fit in with these people so easily.  I don't have to try with them.  I'm just myself, and they like me.  And that's the best feeling in the world.  

Plus I have an amazing family.  My dad is awesome, and I really love him.  He has always provided for our family, even when it's been hard.  And my mom is awesome too.  Like I said, she's definitely on my list of best friends, and I love her to pieces.  She's home-schooled us for seven years, and now has to say goodbye to us as we go to this new school.  But she's always sacrificed her own happiness and needs for me and my brother, and dad, and she's been the perfect role model for me of a good wife and mother.  And my brother is freaking amazing too.  He's insanely creative, and has a bright future ahead of him.  And he's always been a good brother.  Yeah, he does irritate me for the heck of it like other brothers, but he's always there when I need to talk, and I have more fun with him than I do with nearly anybody else.  

I'm seriously so insanely blessed.  

As a quick addendum, I need to stop announcing things about Doctor Who on this blog, because I nearly always have to eat my words.  Matt Smith has not signed on for season 8 yet, because a season 8 has not yet been confirmed by BBC.  However, it is safe to say that BBC will confirm a season 8, and that Matt Smith will sign on for it.  Just nothing is official just yet.  To be safe, don't take anything I say about Doctor Who on my blog as the official say, because chances are it's not official.  If you want news, just go to the BBC website.

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