Letter Jacket Blues

I participate in forensics (speech and debate) at a high school in town, and did so well last year (269 points total) that I earned a letter (which was really not difficult).  So, being in possession of a letter, my thoughts turned to a letter jacket.  Letter jackets, or, as I prefer, Letterman jackets, are pretty darn expensive.  I was looking at spending a good $200 on one, so I seriously considered not purchasing one.  But I was going to have a job over the summer, and I had a funny feeling that 10, 15, 30 years from now I would seriously regret not getting one if I didn't.

So I decided to.

I saved up money from two paychecks, and found out from my friends where I should go.  One afternoon we happened to be in the area (not really, we drove halfway across town) so we stopped by.  We went in, and I chose the jacket size, and the patch colors, and the font I wanted my last name to be, and even paid to have my first name embroidered along the edge of one of the pockets.  I paid for it, and they said it would be ready in three weeks.  This was probably the second week of July.

Fast forward three weeks, and you're about two weeks ago today.  I still haven't heard anything.  But I decide to just give it another week, just to see.  When it gets to have been a month, though, I'm starting to get frustrated.  I want my jacket, you know?  And I've had to wait so stinking long.  So my mom tells me I need to call, but then my grandma came into town, and I couldn't really, and when I had time, they were already closed.  So this last Tuesday, I was at orientation for school, and they called!  My jacket was ready!

So after orientation we drove halfway across town once more, to go pick up my jacket.  We were just walking out with it when my mom noticed my year patch, on my right pocket, was the wrong color.  instead of being white, cardinal, gold, which matched the letter, they had done it cardinal, white, gold.  This didn't look right at all, because the jacket itself is cardinal, and it just looked weird.  So I had to go back and tell them they'd made it wrong.  They said that to fix it it would be another five days, if they had the patch in-store, but if they didn't, it would be eight days.

Three to six days left.  No fair.

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