Ten vs. Eleven

I'm sure you'll remember, earlier, I posted about which Doctor I liked better: Ten or Eleven.  The truth is, I've changed my mind.  While I used to think Ten was best, I've switched sides.  Eleven is the best.

If you disagree, feel free to tell me so.  But be prepared for me to disagree with you.

My reasoning?  The depth.  Yes, Ten was passionate, so very passionate, and he had so much conflict, and sadness, especially towards the end of his term.  But so does Eleven.  Remember, he's the Doctor after the passion of Ten, so he still carries that with him.  He has this deep, internal sadness, which he hides behind a quirky personality, and cheerful disposition.  But it's amazing how he can go from telling a creature they're beautiful to being a scary person getting up in their face.  It's like one second he's happy-go-lucky, your best friend, and the next, the true Doctor comes through:  a Doctor who hurts deeply, gets angry, and who will not let you get away with hurting his friends.

Beyond that, though, Matt Smith is a terrific actor.  I thought Tennant was the epitome of a perfect actor, but I've realized that, while Tennant is great, Smith is a stronger actor.  He has the ability to convey so much through just looks.  Not faces, like Tennant.  But looks.  His eyes.  They convey the full sadness, the anger, whatever exactly it is the Doctor is experiencing.  It's amazing.  Plus I think Matt Smith is an awesome person, and I want to be his best friend.

But also, he is totally believable.  I believe him as the Doctor.  More so than Tennant.  When I think of the Doctor, I find that Smith, and Eleven, encompass everything the Doctor is, everything the Doctor should stand for.

Plus he's totally quirky, and freaking hilarious. But he's not just quirky, as I said. Tennant was totally awesome and kick-butt and everything, but Smith is still kick-butt. And better at expressing emotions, and he really, really shows the full-depth of the emotions that the Doctor as a character experiences, both silly and giddy and sorrowful and easily angered.

Tennant, I love you, and you're almost as great as Matt Smith.

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