BBC America: Good new and bad news

The good news?  Comcast, our cable provider, decided not to tell us that we've been paying for BBC America for the last six months.  So we have BBC America, which means we can get Doctor Who when it finally comes on!

The bad news?  I lied.  I really need to stop doing that on this blog.  I lied about when Doctor Who would air on BBC America.  This is because I was given misinformation.  I have several memories of several sources telling me that Doctor Who would start on August 25, but now BBC America is rescinding that date, claiming it was never official.  So now they're using a very vague date of "Autumn."  Some people are saying it'll probably be September, but BBC has neither confirmed nor denied.  So I have absolutely no idea when the Doctor will return.

However, since we have the channel, we will be getting all of the episodes from here on out when they air.  I'm probably going to save all the episodes, and then over Christmas break have some Whovian friends over to watch all of the episodes.  Also, I will be able to blog about the episodes.  Since I realized that over the course of the first five episodes, it will become impossible to post about them without spoilers.  So I decided that I will post about them, with very heavy spoiler alert warnings, so if you can watch them, you can read about it, and if you haven't seen them, you have plenty of opportunity to avoid it.  So we just finished season 5 for the second time round (and it's still amazing) and we're about to start season 6.  When we do, I'll start blogging about it in chunks of various sizes, depending on how much we watch and how often we watch.

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