Doctor Who S3: E10--Blink

It's Blink!!!  Okay, before we begin, I'd just like to say that I had a great deal of anticipation for this episode, having seen a meme one of my friends posted that had Philosoraptor on it, and it said, "What if the Statue of Liberty is a weeping angel, but someone has always been looking at it."  So naturally I was confused, and I looked up weeping angels on Wikipedia, and discovered that weeping angels are from Doctor Who, and premiere in Season 3.  So I found out the episode, and have been waiting anxiously for it since season 1, I believe.  So, naturally, the entire world conspired against me watching it.  We watched all the episodes (around five or six of them) all leading up to Blink, and then we couldn't watch any the next day, and every time I thought we might have a chance to watch an episode, something would come up and it wouldn't happen.  But I finally watched it!!!

And it didn't disappoint.  The weeping angels are freaking terrifying.  They did this episode brilliantly. The way they had character development, and dealt with the weird time stuff, and then the scene with the flickering lightbulb and four weeping angels was freaking fantastic.  It was one of the best Doctor Who episodes ever.  So yes.  I won't give a synopsis of this episode, you just have to watch it.  To give anything away would ruin the experience.

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