Taking a brief break from Doctor Who, AKA "I hate figure drawing"

Not that I did take a brief break (indeed, I have probably 6 or 7 episodes to write about).  But I'm taking a brief break in my posts ABOUT Doctor Who.  Because I feel like my blog has been overrun with it all since we've been watching a ton of it in the last week.

Instead, I shall discuss unicorns.  Or...something related.  To be completely honest, I had nothing to write about in this post, I just knew it wasn't going to be Doctor Who.  So what do people usually blog about?  Politics...TV shows...Definitely no politics on here, and there's been a bit too much about TV shows...

No, instead I will rant about figure drawing.  I'm taking a drawing class, and right now we are in the "figure drawing" unit.  And I'm hating pretty much every second of it.  The only thing I enjoy is finishing a drawing (unless it sucks, which is getting less and less frequent, but still happens).  I can't exactly say why I hate it so much.  It just sort of sucks.  And for this class, I have an entire packet with a ton of figure drawings in it due.  And I'm putting it off, obviously, by blogging first about putting it off, then later by trying to tackle my ever-growing list of Doctor Who episodes...but when I finish, I will work on it.  That's a promise that I'm currently intending to keep...

...but we'll see when I finish.

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