Doctor Who S1:E12--Bad Wolf; E13--The Parting of the Ways

So this post will be fraught with spoilers.  Just FYI.  So...First, Rose and the Doctor get transported into two different game shows 100 years after the thing with Simon Pegg (back in episode 7) where mankind has, once again, been held back.  These game shows are deadly...or so they seem.  Rose gets disintegrated, which makes the Doctor angry.  But then they realize that the people who are "disintegrated" aren't disintegrated at all--they are sent to Dalek ships for them to be killed and harvested to be created as Daleks.  This episode stepped dangerously close to weird (as, indeed, did the next) with the Daleks literally worshiping the Dalek Emperor...but it was nice (if that can at all be said about the Daleks) to have them come back and have that resolution, which I was having trouble with, if you remember, from back in episode 6.  Moving on to the next one, the Doctor gets Rose back, and comes up with a dangerous idea to create a delta wave that would kill the Daleks, but also the entire human race in earth.  So he sends Rose back to earth in the TARDIS, and she wallows for a bit--as, indeed, does Mickey, who just cannot get it into his head (no matter how many times he asks) that the Doctor will always mean more to Rose than he will, but I digress--but eventually comes up with an idea to open up the heart of the TARDIS, and tell it to go back to get the Doctor.  Meanwhile, Captain Jack (who is such an idiot) and some girl the Doctor met on a game show who was totally in love with him, try to fight off the Daleks while the Doctor prepares his ray thing.  Then the girl dies, then Jack (well, lots of other people died, but no one else major).  And then the Doctor decides he won't do the ray thing (the emperor totally calls his bluff), when tah-dah!  Rose appears in the TARDIS, positively glowing.  Literally glowing.  She's like taken in the time vortex, and now knows everything, and can control everything.  She's become Bad Wolf.  She kills some Daleks, declares the Time War over, then starts to go crazy cuz the knowledge is overwhelming her.  So then the Doctor kisses her, sucks the time vortex out of her, she passes out, and they get back on the TARDIS.  Oh, and Rose revived Jack (convenient, yes?), but they left without him.  So now the Doctor is dying, when he reveals that Timelords have this "trick" where they "die" but don't really die, just have a new face (convenient, yes?).  So he dies, and then tah-dah!  David Tennant.

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