Doctor Who Season 2 Finale, Parts 1 and 2

Army of Ghosts, and Doomsday.

To start, I had lots of expectations about this episode, having had a guy friend who tends to be rather heartless at times actually cry at the end.  So I was all excited for it.  And I must say, it didn't disappoint.  I mean, I didn't cry (but I came very, very close) but it was still very well done, and I loved it.

For Part 1, we have these "ghosts" which creepily show up at a certain time every day.  Then the Doctor and Rose and Jackie go to Torchwood Tower.  They discover the Genesis Ark and Daleks, as well as some Cybermen (as well as the girl who plays Tatticora in Little Dorrit).  Part 2, Mickey, Rose's Dad, and Jake come back from the alternate dimension, having crossed the Void which was opened by the Daleks.  The Doctor discovers that the only way to save planet Earth from the Cybermen and Daleks is to have the Void open and suck everyone with the taint of the Void in with it before it closes.  So Jackie goes with Rose's dad, Mickey and Jake back to the alternate dimension, but Rose decides to stay with the Doctor.  I won't say anything else because it's a major spoiler, but they couldn't have ended it better, or more satisfying and yet frustrating all at the same time.  But David Tennant is just amazing, and he does the whole thing perfectly.  Perfectly.  So yes, I did like (and yet hate) this season finale.

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