Doctor Who S3:E7--42

Well, gee, what did this episode remind me of?  Let's see, what do we have...a random ship which the Doctor and his companion come to, which is in danger of calamity very soon; the TARDIS is gone; there's some sort of disease which strikes and leaves one member of the crew; members of the crew die...sound familiar?  Yeah, we ran into this exact formula in season 2, with the Satan Pit.  The difference?  Instead of a black hole, it was the sun.  The living thing that possessed them wasn't "Satan," it was the sun.  And instead of Rose, it was Martha.  Otherwise it was pretty much the same.  But yet, I liked this one better.  I so didn't figure out the sun was alive until the end, and I loved that twist.  Loved it.  It's so interesting.  And I totally saw that thing between Martha and what's-his-face coming.  So saw it coming.  So yeah, I did like this one better than the Satan Pit.

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