Doctor Who S3:E1 Smith and Jones

In this one we meet the Doctor's new companion for Season 3, Martha Jones, who is played by the same girl who died in episode 12 of the last season.  They came up with a very convenient explanation (the girl who died was a cousin, who just happened to look exactly the same...).  But Martha is a medical student whose hospital gets transported onto the Moon, where it is cataloged by these rhino aliens who are looking for a nonhuman who wants to kill half of Earth (the other half is a gift).  At the end of the episode, the Doctor promises to take Martha on a trip as a thank you gift.  Which leads us to our next episode...

But first to deal with this one.  So...I did like this one.  My brother pointed out this fun little reference where the Doctor is thrilled that her hospital has a shop, which refers to S2:E1 New Earth, where the cat nun hospital doesn't have a shop in the hospital.  So that was fun (after the fact).  And it's kind of fun watching the Doctor have to explain everything all over again, and watch Martha come to terms with it.  It was funny.

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