Doctor Who Again: S1:E8--Father's Day

In this episode, Rose wants to go back in time to be with the father she never knew in his dying moments.  Being soft-hearted and a bit naive, the Doctor agrees.  She doesn't have the heart to go out to him the first time, so she begs a second time.  Being even MORE soft-hearted and insanely naive, the Doctor takes her back in time again, warning her that there is a copy of them already there from the first time, and if they get seen, everything will be lost...and Rose runs out and pushes her dad out of the way of the car.  This creates a wound in time and (spoiler!) these creepy dragon-like things have to come and fix it by killing everybody.  

I must say, from watching the clips, I thought I was going to hate this episode.  But I really didn't.  Even worse, I'm actually starting to like Eccleston as the Doctor.  Really like him.  So it's not any longer like I'm counting down the seconds to David Tennant and Matt Smith, but more like, I could wait for them to come, I'm going to enjoy Eccleston for the time being.  So, that was a very scary thing to realize...But moving on to the episode.  

I liked a lot of things about this episode.  I liked how Rose screwed up, and her and the Doctor had their little tiff, but then she apologized, and he forgave her--after some comments on her intelligence or lack thereof.  But then they were okay again.  And I liked how they managed to make the reunion between Rose and her father sentimental and heart-felt, without making us groan.  We believed it, and we were a little bit sad when it had to end.  I also liked how they gave her father a chance for redemption, even in the middle of time where it would never be recognized except by Rose and the Doctor.  So Rose had that memory of her father, saving her life.   

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