Doctor Who S3:E4, E5--Daleks in Manhattan; Evolution of the Daleks

So the Doctor and Martha go to New York in 1930, and take a little trip to Hooverville, the homeless village set up in Central Park.  There they discover that people have been going missing.  They also discover Pig Men, and then the Daleks.  The main four Daleks we saw in the season finale of season 2 (I miss Rose!) apparently escaped the void because "They always survive, while I [the Doctor] lose everything." Great line!  Greatest line in the whole freaking series!!!  Augh!  Okay, geek out moment is over.

So these episodes were...interesting.  I've used that word before, but I mean it differently this time.  It was interesting, but in a good way.  It was sort of interesting to see a human Dalek, and I don't just mean physically (though, that was a bad interesting) but the way it acted.  It sort of stressed again the worldview that humans are supreme, and can overcome anything and everything, but whatevs.  And it was Spiderman!  haha, it was so fun to see Andrew Garfield.

On the Martha front, I don't mind her very much, but I still just miss Rose.  Um...yeah, I think that pretty much covers this (these) episodes.

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