The joys of re-reading posts

For those of you fellow-bloggers who are reading this:  re-reading your past posts is such a wonderful experience.  Being a writer, I was familiar with the feeling, which I get when I go back and re-read stories I wrote years ago.  I was skeptical about whether this feeling would carry over into blogging.  Good news:  it does.  I just re-read my posts about season 2, and now i just feel so happy.  When you re-read something you've written, it's more than just reading the words you wrote; it's experiencing the words as you wrote them.  Feelings, thoughts, experiences that you felt, thought, or experienced while writing that post come flooding back, and you're filled with a strange sort of nostalgia.

Not to mention that  re-reading your posts gives you encouragement for what you're doing and writing about.  I often feel (or, really, wonder if) my posts are rather poorly written, but going back, I can see several which are written very well.  I particularly enjoyed my post about the Christmas Special from Season 2.  It also gives you purpose, because now I can see my accomplishments over the last month or so, and remember why I'm doing this.  I'm finally blogging regularly, and while it's almost all on the same subject, I'm at least writing something, and it also gives me an excuse to write about something off-topic.  I feel like this blog has a purpose finally, and it's not just ramblings.

All this from simply re-reading my posts.  Just sayin'.

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