DW S2:E2--New Earth

Does anybody care about the synopsis?

So the Doctor and Rose (totally like a couple in love, just sayin') go to New Earth, to New New York.  And they go to the hospital there, because the Face of Bo (sp?) had sent for the Doctor to tell him some earth-shattering (or, probably more accurate, universe-shattering) secret.  Then Rose gets kidnapped by Cassandra, the irritating skin from Season 1.  And Cassandra enters Rose's body, and wreaks havoc in the hospital, as well as discovering a huge secret about the cat nuns, who totally remind me of Khajiit from Skyrim...haha.

To start:  Cassandra drives me freaking crazy.  Always has.  I'm just glad she's (spoiler!) dead now.  The part where she went back and forth between Rose and the Doctor made me irritated, but it also made me laugh.  Anyways, overall I did like this episode.  It was a good story, though the ending was disappointing.  I mean, the Face of Bo called the Doctor there for the purpose of telling him a secret because he was dying--but, oh no, just kidding, I'm not dying, and there's no secret for you for a long time!  That was lame.  But the story was good, and they sort of managed to pull off the whole sentimental storyline with Cassandra, which can be hard with an annoying character.

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