Doctor Who S3: Episode 2--The Shakespearean Code

For Martha's present, she and the Doctor go to the time of Shakespeare, and go to see Love's Labours Lost in the Globe Theater.  There Shakespeare promises to reveal, the next night, his new play and sequel, Love's Labours Won.  But some witches (or Carrionites) are wanting to use this play to release their fellow Carrionites and bring them into the world to take it over.

So...I miss Rose.  To start.  I just don't like Martha as much.  Sometimes she's cool but mostly she's just sort of irritating, I think.  And I know this is sort of irrational, but it irritates me that she gets jealous all the time.  It's like, he's not into you, get over yourself.  I dunno, I just don't like Martha as much.  But I very much appreciated the Harry Potter references, especially the "Expelliarmus!" at the end.  Again, two geek-iverses collide...but much more obviously I guess.  I dunno.  I feel sort of ambivalent about this episode, and part of that might just be that there was no Rose...though the part where one of the Doctors' hearts gave out and he had to revive it was freaking hilarious.  It makes me smile even now.  Yeah, I think I just don't like Martha.

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