Doctor Who S3: E8--Human Nature; E9--The Family of Blood

Wow.  This episode.  Wow.  It was interesting.  Good interesting.  So the Doctor turned himself into a human, and fell in love with this nurse, while Martha is his maid, and remembers everything, while the Doctor has forgotten everything.  Then Will Scarlett (sorry, some dude) gets possessed by some thing, as well as some other people.  They're after the Doctor.  So then Thomas Sangster's character finds a watch which contains the Doctor's essence, and he's supposed to open it when "the time comes."  And then the human Doctor is afraid of turning back into the other Doctor, and leaving his lady friend alone.  I thought this was interesting.  Usually I'd find this sort of thing irritating, but I sort of enjoyed...no, appreciated this.  Because the Doctor has wondered/lamented more than once that he could never have a normal life, and he actually had a normal life that was cut short, obviously, but then we could see him getting married, having kids, growing old...you know, it was sort of fun, and interesting to be able to see this human side of the Doctor.  Not bottling things inside, but feeling fear, and everything.  It was just sort of cool you know?

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