Doctor Who S3: E6--The Lazarus Experiment

I was kind of excited that the Doctor was sending Martha home.  But no.  Of course not.

Instead the Doctor goes with Martha to a black tie event where an ugly old man promises to reinvent the human race.  He goes into a machine, and comes out looking like Mycroft Holmes.  Wait, sorry, wrong TV show...he comes out as a younger version of himself.  He then proceeds to dis his wife, then turn into a monster with a human face, and take off all her skin, and suck her dry in one swift motion.  He then turns back into a human, and rejoins the party.  He then starts to hit on Martha's sister Tish, who's an idiot, before Martha goes to save her.  The Doctor saves the day, once more, and Martha threatens to stay.  I say threatening because she didn't actually stay.  Then she got all these frequent flyer privileges.  I'm so glad that there's only...eight more episodes from this one (about four from the one I'm on right now) with Martha in it.  I dunno who's the companion...oh, yeah, I do.  Donna's next.  Anyways.  Good episode.  Love the Doctor.

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