Doctor Who S2: The Impossible Planet; The Satan Pit

Nearly every TV show has at least one episode where they take the worldview they're representing in their show, and put it into a neat little package and hand it to you in a single episode.  These episodes (which essentially count as one, because it was two parts) were that for Doctor Who, though no doubt more are to come.  I found it very interesting, being interested in worldviews and philosophies.  Key things I noticed:  scientific exploration at almost any cost is admirable, it's all about discovery.  Also, that human beings are supreme, and can overcome everything if they use their intellect.  Third, human beings are essentially good at heart.  Four, gods and devils are nothing more than ideas that can be disproven or squashed using science.  And finally, that we should believe in the human race, and particular humans, particularly those we are in love with.  ("But if I believe in one thing...just one thing...I believe in her!")  So I found these episodes very interesting, for them to just so blatantly tell us their worldview, and the worldview of the Doctor.  I dunno.  I rather enjoyed it.

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