Doctor Who S2: Love & Monsters; Fear Her

This was an interesting episode.  Nuff said.  It was very, very, very weird.  I was getting into it, right up until the end.  Then it was just weird.  So whatevs.

Fear Her was a fun one.  The Doctor and Rose go to see the 2012 Olympics in London.  That was particularly fun/funny cuz those are coming up in what, two months?  But there's all these disappearances happening, and it turns out that a little girl is possessed by some sort of alien who is kidnapping people and animals to make itself less lonely.  A few things to be said:  Just to be funny, at the actual Olympics Opening Ceremony, they should take a shot of the empty stadium, and show it after they've shown shots of people in the stadium, to kind of duplicate it ("Everyone's gone!  Oh, no, they're back!  They're all back!")  And then have David Tennant carry the torch the rest of the way.  That would make my life.  Second, they didn't pull off the sentimental in this episode at all.  And I think the main reason is that neither the little girl nor her mom were likable in the least.  So we sort of didn't care that they were afraid or that they were lonely.  So that was a fail on their part.  But this was a good episode, a nice little finishing up before the finale...

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