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This is a detour from my usual topic.  Today (or at least in this post) I will be talking about Vloggers I particularly enjoy.  The first is Charlie McDonnell.  I'm sure you've heard of him.  If not, you're probably in the minority.  Charlieissocoollike is his channel name.  He blogs about many things, mostly nerdy things, like Doctor Who.  Charlieissocoollike is also part of a band that performs "trock," that is, "timelord rock."  AKA, songs about Doctor Who.  It's called Chameleon Circuit, and my absolute favorite song right now is by them, called "Exterminate, Regenerate."

Another vlogger I enjoy who is very cool, is MrStickm4n.  MrStickm4n's channel is called Stickm4nPr0ductions, and he vlogs about many things, mostly nerdy.  He is not part of a band, but also records videos about Minecraft.  He is rather skilled at making and crafting things on the game, and he's recorded several videos about his "adventures."  The series is called the Great Stickm4n Adventure.  I'd definitely recommend checking him out.  He has two blogs.  One is a "pleasure" blog, where he posts about random things, while the other is particularly related to his vlogging.  Often on this second blog he will post videos you cannot get on YouTube, so it's definitely worth checking out. Some of his posts are old, but he has expressed an interest in posting more, especially if he knows his blog is being viewed.

So, back to Doctor Who.

A link to the acoustic version of the song I mentioned:

And both links to Stickm4n's blogs:

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