SPOILER! The Re-Appearances of Rose

If you've seen the season 2 finale of Doctor Who, then you'll know that Rose was transported into an alternate dimension, along with Mickey, her mom, and her dad.  After a gut-wrenching good-bye, Rose disappeared, never to be found again.  I, personally, have loved seeing the Doctor's reaction to it, how destroyed he is by it, and yet how he keeps it together.  I love it when he says her name, because when he says it, there's so much emotion.  Yeah, I know.  But whatevs.

So, anyways, since Episode 1, Partners in Crime, Rose has made appearances in various episodes.  Her first appearance was at the end of that episode, when Donna talked to her, and afterwards Rose just disappeared.  Her next appearance was in Episode 5, when Donna was watching the screen in the TARDIS during a transmission between the Doctor and the Sontaran.  Rose's face appeared on the screen before Donna looked.  She mouthed the word, "Doctor!"  Her next appearance was in Episode 10, Midnight (which I'll get to soon) when she appeared on a TV screen while the Doctor's back was turned.  She mouthed "Doctor!  Doctor!"

Having seen the previews for the next episode, Episode 11, Turn Left, I know Rose returns for real.  And I'm thrilled.  I've missed her so much, and dealt with withdrawals while trying to make do with Donna and Martha, who just aren't the same.  My mom thinks that Rose has to die, or no one can ever move on, just as I haven't been able to move on.  She's probably right.  If she just goes back to the alternate dimension at the end of the season, it won't change anything for me, and I'll just keep pining.  So we'll see.  I'm excited.  But I thought I should devote a post to doing these appearances justice.

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