The Doctors: Ten and Eleven

Since I don't feel much like writing about episodes right now, I decided I would put my comparison of David Tennant and Matt Smith here, in the middle of Season 5.  Of course, for me, it's not, I'm near the end of season 6.  Anyways...David Tennant still remains my favorite Doctor.  That being said, I do enjoy Matt Smith as the Doctor.  Very much.  He's just different than David Tennant.  And while I like the different of David Tennant better, the different of Matt Smith is very much enjoyable, and he does a good different.  My friend was saying that she just really loves Tennant, that she's like in love with Tennant as the Doctor, and I agreed, but said that if I was in love with Tennant as the Doctor, then I have a crush on Matt Smith as the Doctor.  He's not as good, but still enjoyable.  I also like how Tennant was sort of the emotion of the Doctor, the passion and the sorrow and everything, while Smith is more of the whimsy and quirk of the Doctor.  He's just interesting.  Not that Tennant wasn't hilarious when he wanted to be, or that Smith doesn't have emotion, but they both are the best at both of those things.  Anyways, I felt that in the transition between the two Doctors, a comparison must be made between the two.  And I absolutely love Amy and Rory as companions, about as much as I loved Rose, and definitely more than I liked Martha and Donna.  So yes.  Rory's my favorite.  I'm so jealous of Amy.  Just sayin'.

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