Update on Irritation at Google Chrome

So I discovered that if I click the little wrench in the top right corner of Google Chrome, then go to Settings, then Extensions, I can disable the OoVoo Toolbar, the annoying thing blocking the top of my screen that replaced my precious bookmarks bar, and then re-add my bookmarks bar to "always show."  And maybe it's just me, but I feel like having or not having the bookmarks bar is like asking if you do or don't want convenience and wonderfulness in your life.  Like, who thinks, oh, man, I just hate having all of my favorite websites right there so I can just click a button and go to them, I'm going to disable the bookmarks bar.  And who thinks, oh, users of Google Chrome will be glad for us to remove their bookmarks bar and replace it with an utterly useless "OoVoo" toolbar.  Answer:  Google Chrome apparently.  Anyways, all is right with the world once more, and I'm no longer forced to use Internet Explorer.  Yay!  This has actually been a fixture in my life for about a week and a half, I just kept it from you guys to keep you in suspense about what happened with Google Chrome and my missing bookmarks bar...

Yeah, like you guys really cared.  But I thought I would share anyway, because this is my blog, and this is what you do with blogs.

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