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So, I realized the other day that I just finished season 4 of Doctor Who, and there's only seven in existence at this point.  Which means that I only have seasons 5 and 6 to watch now, until 7 comes out in the fall.  And once I write about all those things...what will I write about?  I will have lost the essential purpose of this blog.

Though, I guess if there's one thing doing this blog has taught me, it's that it's relatively easy to post two or three times a week, or even a day.  It's gotten me in the habit of writing something, and giving me guilt if I go five days without posting.  So I will be relying on that when I run out of Doctor Who to post about.  I can post about funny YouTube videos, my Doctor Who withdrawals, issues with the world that have nothing to do with politics...it'll be good.

But...if you have ideas, please share them!  Maybe for another series.  So instead of randomness, I'd once more have something regular.  So if you have an idea for a series of blog posts I could do, or just for stand-alone blog posts, please share!  You can just comment on this post or any other with your idea, and I will probably take it at some point.

But I still have some Doctor to write about yet!  Onwards...

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