Doctor Who S5: E1--The Eleventh Hour

Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor crash lands in a little girl's backyard.  He then proceeds to attempt to eat her out of house and home, and she shows him a crack in her bedroom.  Something comes out of it, but the TARDIS is overheating so the Doctor must leave.  He promises to take the girl, Amelia Pond, with him, and he'll be back in five minutes. He returns about 12 years later.  Amelia is now Amy, and she's a Kiss-a-Gram.  And something has made its way out of her house, the same something from the crack in her room.  And it's changing shape.  The Doctor only has so long before the aliens trying to apprehend the creature destroy the planet in their search.  With the help of Amy and her sort-of boyfriend Rory, The Doctor manages to save the day and retrieve his outfit from the hospital.
Bow ties are cool.  So is fish fingers and custard.

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