Doctor Who S4: E4, E5--The Sontaran Strategem; The Poison Sky

I lied.  I am on Episode 11.  IMDb doesn't count the Christmas special as an episode, while Netflix does, and according to IMDb, I'm on episode 11.  Anyways, onwards...

Another two-part episode.  I swear, I've never seen a TV show that did anywhere near as many two- and three-part episodes as this one.  It's amazing really.  Anyways, the Sontaran have joined forces with an idiotic, socially stunted genius to take over earth through the cars of earth.  All the cars on the planet release a toxic gas that will allow the Sontarans to clone themselves and thereby take over earth.  Martha comes back, and ends up being cloned and made evil by the Sontarans, but of course the Doctor realizes because he's awesome, and saves her, and Donna gets saved, having been put in the TARDIS, then transported to the Sontaran satellite in earth's orbit.  Good episodes, I liked them, and they're where Donna started to become tolerable.

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