Doctor Who S5:E7--Amy's Choice

The nightmares!  Well, the Doctor thought it was a nightmare, Rory thought it was a dream come true, and Amy preferred the other world.

The episode starts with Amy and Rory married.  Amy's about 9 months pregnant, and she's baking something.  Rory has a mullet.  When the Doctor shows up to say hello.  They walk through the village of Leadworth, which is admittedly insanely boring, when there's some bird song, and they all fall asleep...and wake up inside the TARDIS.  It takes a second, but they all realize that they had the exact same dream.  Eventually a man shows up (who shows up in lots of things) and says that he's crafted two worlds, and they must decide which is real and which is the dream.  He also said that there was a danger in each of the worlds.  If they died in the dream world, they'd wake up in reality, but if they died in reality, they were dead. ("Ask me what happens if you die in reality."  "What happens?" "You die, stupid." haha)  So they keep switching between the two worlds.  In the Leadworth world, the old people are killing people.  In the TARDIS world, the TARDIS has shut down, and they're floating towards an ice star.

Spoiler time, and usually I'd just do it, but these are important spoilers, so if you're not familiar with the story up to this point, I'd recommend just waiting.  Rory dies in Leadworth, and Amy is destroyed.  She decides that Leadworth can't be real if Rory isn't there, that it doesn't matter if he's not there.  They wake up in the TARDIS, and the Dream Lord admits defeat, but that they are still in danger.  The Doctor realizes a) who the Dream Lord is, someone who hates him more than anyone in the universe and b) even the TARDIS world is a dream.  They manage to wake up in reality, where Rory is waiting.  Amy has made her choice.  She chose Rory.  She still doesn't tell him she loves him.  Then, at the end of the episode you see the Doctor's reflection in the TARDIS, and it changes into the reflection of the Dream Lord.  This suggests that the Dream Lord was the Doctor, who hates himself more than anyone else in the universe.  So sad...

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