Doctor Who S4: E6--The Doctor's Daughter

It's a girl!  The Doctor has a daughter, born from entirely his own DNA.  And there is the threat of war between the Hath and some humans who are stupid and are birthing people at impossible speeds. Martha (who happened to be in the TARDIS when it mysteriously took off) makes friends with a Hath who ends up dying trying to save her.  It turns out that this war between the Hath and the humans has been going on for a week tops, which to them has been several generations.  It ends, and the Doctor's daughter (who has two hearts, like him) ends up dying.  They don't think she's going to regenerate, so they leave her, after the Doctor has his little pity party which really was moving.  I didn't cry or anything, but I wasn't irritated by the sentiment so I consider it to have been well done.  I'm just sort of that way.  Then (spoiler!) after they take Martha home and everything, the Doctor's daughter wakes up, having regenerated (but not changed form...whatevs) and goes off in a spaceship to follow in her father's footsteps.  She comes back later, but idk when.  We'll see.  Onwards!

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