Doctor Who S4.5--The Next Doctor

The name of this one was incredibly misleading, just so you know.  But anyways, there's this guy who thinks he's the Doctor, and he has this TARDIS which is an air balloon (and stands for something stupid) and has a companion named Rosita.  And a "sonic screwdriver" which isn't sonic.  Anyways, the Cybermen are in town, led by a very angry young woman.  This was, I believe, the Christmas special that did not air on Christmas.  That honor went to The End of Time Part 1.  But this is another "Christmas special" that I just don't love.  It's not a bad episode, I just don't love it.  And it's consistently the Christmas specials...whatevs.  It was a good episode, and a good transition from the season to the rest of the interim, ending with the end of time.

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