I have a proposal

I propose we rename the phrase YOLO to KHNH.  Pronounced "Knnh."  Which stands for Kal Ho Naa Ho, which in turn is Hindi for "Tomorrow may never come."  I propose we change it to something that means virtually the same thing, because I figure if I hate the message it sends, it may as well sound cool and be cool, and be associated with Shahrukh Khan.  Wouldn't you agree?  If it's going to suck, it might as well suck less.  I"m going to try to get that to stick.  From now on, we should all say "Knn."  "Wanna go bungie jumping?"  "Sure.  Knn."  People will look at you funny, yes, but only at first.  Once it catches on, you'll be the cool person who was saying it before it was cool.  Hipster points!  

KHNH also happens to be the name of an awesome movie I didn't get to finish watching tonight because it was a library disc, and badly scratched.  It was a three-hour movie and we made it probably two and a half hours in before it really just wouldn't go any further.  So that sucked.  At least I'd seen it before and knew how it ended...But it's not on YouTube, or any of the other Bollywood-streaming websites I know of...so that sucked.  Oh well.  

I can't wait for the Olympics.  23 days!

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