Come on USA!

Originally, I'd planned on rooting mostly for Great Britain and India, and the other countries I really love, but, alas, patriotic feelings won out in the end.  We've done brilliantly in swimming.  I'm pretty sure that's where most of our golds have come from, even.  And we did brilliantly in gymnastics qualifiers, we were top qualifier.  But now I'm watching finals, and we are sucking dirt.  I just made up that phrase.  But suffice it to say, that we are really doing terrible.  And it sucks!!!  Hardest of all is seeing like John Orozco, probably my favorite male gymnast this year, trying not to cry on camera after blowing it on both the pommel horse and vault.  It's just sad.  But come on USA!!!  You can do amazing.  We need to beat China!!!  We're actually tied on the total medal count, but China's got us beat in gold medals.  And just the existence of this competitive spirit I have against China increases my belief that the Olympics really doesn't foster international friendship; just international competition and rivalry.  I mean, really, who would think, "hm, we need an event to bring all of the countries together in harmony.  I know, let's create a huge competition, and make the hugest possible deal out of it ever!  That won't increase already existing rivalries, and just foster anger and resentment towards other countries."

Just go USA.  You've got it.

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