Chunk 1-- Season 5: E8-E13; Christmas Special

Lots to cover!  But before we begin, fair warning: I will be jumping ahead some, especially towards the end, so if you have not seen all of the above mentioned episodes, I'd recommend waiting to read this post and watch them because they're awesome!

So we begin with The Hungry Earth, an episode where the earth is "eating" people in a small town, where drilling is taking place.  My mom pointed out, and rightly so, that virtually all of the episodes in season 5 and 6 take place on earth, at some point in time.  There's a lot of them, anyway.  Anyways, the cause of the "eating" is people who are living underground, people who lived on earth before the humans, but who retreated underground because of the Ice Age or something.  And they're upset that this drill is drilling into their home.  The Doctor tries to negotiate peace, but one lady is an idiot, and kills one of their people, and they end up having to put everyone into a virtual cryo-sleep.  This episode continues into Cold Blood.  Rory ends up dying at the end of the episode, but before Amy can resuscitate him, he gets sucked into one of the cracks, and is erased from the world.  He never existed, but somehow the Doctor remembers him, because he held onto the memory, while Amy (who we've already sort of seen is slightly weak-minded) didn't.

Next we have Vincent and the Doctor, a pretty cool episode where the Doctor and Amy (without Rory) meet Vincent van Gogh, which they pronounce funny.  I dunno which one is right.  But van Gogh is considered insane, because he claims to see this monster no one else can see.  I don't remember why they can't see him, but the Doctor fashions a machine to see the monster, and they end up finding out he's the last of his kind (a recurring thing in Doctor Who) but I don't think it survived.  They end up helping van Gogh, and when they go back to the future and look at a gallery with his work in it, they see a picture of sunflowers, with the words "For Amy" inscribed on it.  Which is just super special.  It makes me happy.  They showed him his potential by taking him to the gallery and having Bill Nighy tell him how awesome he is.

Next...The Lodger.  I happen to love this episode, particularly the Chameleon Circuit song attached ("Kiss the Girl").  This episode, the TARDIS is acting funny, with Amy still inside it, so the Doctor goes and stays with this guy named Craig, who's in love with his BFF Sophie.  There's this weird guy living upstairs who lures people into his apartment and kills them, or something, because they  never come back out again.  This mysterious lodger upstairs is actually the resident of a spaceship, who needs a pilot to take the ship back out to space.  There's a perception filter making it look like part of the apartment building.  Craig saves the day by focusing on why he wants to stay, which is Sophie.  Craig and Sophie get together in the end, and the Doctor leaves with Amy.  This episode is hilarious, and just makes me want to stay with the Doctor for a couple of days.  He makes good omelets.

Finally...the finale!  First, The Pandorica Opens, followed by The Big Bang.  I love the song by Chameleon Circuit attached to these two episodes as well.  I really just love Chameleon Circuit...Anywho, we must move forward, because tons happens in these episodes.  So.  The Doctor and Amy go to the Roman times, in England, I'm not sure why really, and there they meet River, who's masquerading as Cleopatra.  She tells them that they need to get to Stonehenge, because there all of the Doctor's enemies are gathering.  Daleks, Sontarans, Cybermen, you know the drill.  We also see...Rory!  Who's a Roman.  And awesome.  So they get inside Stonehenge, after scaring off the army forming in the sky, to find what they're all after.  The Pandorica.  It is rumored to have inside it the greatest weapon in the universe, or something like that.  The Doctor is trying to figure it all out, with the help of the Romans, especially Rory, who Amy doesn't remember.  When the Daleks show up, and the Doctor discovers that he is the one who's supposed to be inside the Pandorica.  Rory and Amy get out of there, and are above ground.  The Doctor is locked in the Pandorica.  And Rory has a gun inside his hand.  The reason for this is that this world, this reality, is formed by Amy.  Her memories.  The Pandorica is like the story of Pandora's Box, when she was a child, and Rory comes back because she remembers him.  Every memory she lost to the crack is returning, at the end of time (the second end of time anyway), but it's being used against her.  So Rory ends up killing Amy, even though he doesn't want to, and she remembers him just before she dies.

Ugh.  Almost there.  One more!  And the Christmas Special...oh well.  To sum up this one, let's just use the song.  I've included the link to the video, you can watch it, and lyrics can be found here as well.  It's just so complicated, and this song just perfectly explains it all.

Except for one part, the most romantic thing a guy has ever done for his girl ever.  Amy ended up in the Pandorica, and Rory asked the Doctor if she would be safe.  He hesitated, so Rory, to keep her safe in the Pandorica, waited outside.  For 2000 years.  He waited outside the Pandorica, through thick and thin, and followed it everywhere it went.  He would not be shaken.  And during the London Blitz, the building she was in lit on fire, so he dragged it out of the flames.  He is the Last Centurion, so named because he did all of this while in a Roman's outfit.  2000 years.  Amy is the luckiest freaking girl on the planet.

For the Christmas special, it's basically a very touching retelling of the Christmas Carol, which mostly features the Doctor, and Amy and Rory to a very limited extent.  But it was beautifully done.  Broke the cycle of just okay Christmas specials.

Wow, that was long.  Only two more chunks...ew.

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