Why the Spike?

Today's first topic of discussion is a wonderment as to why there was a sudden spike in my pageviews, followed by a deep depression.  Seriously I had 27 pageviews just a couple of days ago, followed by 22 the next, followed by 11, then 6, then 3...it's sort of depressing actually (haha, get it, the depression in views is depressing...see what I did there?).  But more importantly is why it happened like that.  Of course it could be argued that it was entirely random, but I don't like that answer, so I'm going to foolishly assume there is some sort of reason behind it.  That was the day of the infamous OoVoo final showdown.  So that might be it.  People were having the same problems, and somehow just all happened to be looking it up when my posts came up...no.

It was probably random.

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