Olympics Opening Ceremony

Hello again!  Long time, no blogging.  But I'm back!

So most of you are probably aware that the Olympics started last night, with the famous Opening Ceremonies, in London.  I have not actually watched them yet, so I can't give any details, nor do I want you to give me any details.  However, I am well aware that David Tennant was not allowed to light the final torch...thing (what's the technical term for the final thing they light on the opening night?), and this makes me sad.  Because he totally did, in the past, which...is technically still the past, but it was recent past, and it was last night.  I mean, come on, Doctor Who is virtually their National TV show (I shudder to think of what America's is).  They should honor that by reliving the moment where the torch was carried by the Doctor.  Just sayin'.  It's also lame, because they had planned on doing a Doctor Who montage to the theme music, but it had to be cancelled because the athletes took too long running in.  Darn athletes.  However, there were TARDIS noises during Pearl Jam's performance (I'm pretty sure it was Pearl Jam, anyway) which is pretty cool.  And there's also some picture floating around with David Tennant dressed as the Doctor in the audience.  So some disappointment, but there was also some pretty cool Doctor Who stuff.  And I think the rest of it was good, I just haven't watched it yet.

I've even heard that James Bond was in it...

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