Doctor Who S5:E6--The Vampires of Venice

The Doctor goes to Rory's bachelor party (Rory is Amy's fiance, who we met back in Episode 1, when he was her sort of boyfriend), and gets him to go with Amy to Venice back in the Renaissance as a romantic getaway, a wedding present.  But, of course, wherever the Doctor goes, there's trouble.  He's worse than Miss Marple.  So there are "vampires."  They are operating under the guise of a school, but they are only accepting young women.  Eventually it comes out that they are not really vampires, but are some sort of fish people whose planet was destroyed, and they're breeding fish women to be the mates of the males who are still alive, living in the canals of Venice.  Then they will take over the city.

This episode wasn't great, but it was fun to see Rory.  It was also fun for five minutes when it really did seem that they were vampires, but, of course, that had to end.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not vampire-obsessed, and I'm anti-Twilight, but a Doctor Who vampire would have been awesome.  I mean, they did have a werewolf.  So that was disappointing.  But it was good.  It was one of those episodes where you start to question just for one episode if you really even like the new Doctor, you know?  Up until this point I'd been perfectly fine with Matt Smith, but this episode I just sort of didn't care for him.  He wasn't bad, but I guess memories of David Tennant seeped in, and I was discontent.  But no worries, the Doctor came back in the next episode, with a little bit of the emotion that David Tennant did so well.  Prepare for...

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