Confessions of a Vamp1re Slayr

That is spelled incorrectly, I am aware of that.

Anyways...so I've toyed with the idea of making my very own vlog.  (that, too, is spelled correctly)  Inspired by such vloggers as Mr Stickm4n, Charlieissocoollike, theDOMINICshow, the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and the VlogBrothers, I think it would be super fun to make a vlog on YouTube.  I would call it "Confessions of a Vamp1reSlayr," since my channel name on YouTube is Vamp1re Slayr, off of my Xbox Live username...and so every episode I would have a confession that I make.  Such things as "I am not a vampire slayer," "I'm sort of a NerdFighter," "I'm addicted to Doctor Who," "I'm addicted to Monster Energy Drinks," etc...But I'm not sure.  I suppose I'm trying to identify my true motives in doing so.  If it's just to be famous and to do it for the subscribers, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, or if it's truly just because I think it would be fun.  I feel I'm leaning to the latter, because I do get attention on this blog, with around 150-200 blog views a month, if not more, as well as with various other activities I do.  And honestly I got the idea when I was just watching stuff.  And it's not like I haven't wanted to do a vlog with fun videos and stuff for a while now...about four or five years...But yeah.  It's just an idea for now.

But let me know what you think, in the comments box!  I feel so lonely when I don't get comments...or followers...So if you like my blog and visit regularly, please, please, comment, and follow, and be a part of the Whovian/Nerdy awesomeness.

Haha, DFTBA.

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