Doctor Who S5: E3--Victory of the Daleks

This one was funny.  Just because it was so unexpected.  First, the Doctor gets a call inside the TARDIS from Winston Churchill.  Then Winston Churchill is played by the same guy who plays a bumbling plumber in "Doc Martin," another British TV show.  Then the Doctor and Amy show up to find that the Brits' new weapon is the Daleks.  Then it turns out that the Daleks don't remember the Doctor, or at least, or are pretending to not remember.  That drives the Doctor crazy.  But then, Amy doesn't remember the Daleks invading the world (see season 4.5, specifically the End of Time).  So it's just the Doctor's word...which is exactly what the Daleks wanted.  They needed some sort of verification that they were the Daleks.  Then they made a bunch more of themselves, in pretty new colors.  Then it turns out that the scientist that supposedly created the Daleks was actually a robot created by the Daleks (sorry, spoilers).  This whole episode was just surprising.  And fun, I mean, I love Winston Churchill.  So, good episode.  And there was another crack!!!  Just like the one in Amy's room.  Hmm...

Okay, I'll be honest, I'm writing this after I've seen the entire season 5, and most of season 6, so it's hard to feign suspense and wonderment about what's going on, cuz now I know what's going on.  But whatevs.  I'll keep the suspense up for those of you who don't know yet.

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