Irritation at Google Chrome

I'm using Internet Explorer right now, because I cannot stand Google Chrome since it changed everything yesterday.  They added a new toolbar thing that got rid of my bookmarks bar I've been working on for forever.  It also cuts off the top of every page, so trying to sign into blogger was a right pain in the butt.  I got sick of it so I'm trying to use Internet Explorer but it's not much better.  The toolbar is crowded, and for some reason it's not picking up my clicking on keys.  It's also irritating to have to fully type in all of my log-in information because it's not saved on this browser.  I'll probably also have to reset up the cookie that doesn't count my pageviews on my blog.  So that's insanely irritating.  I can't edit or remove the toolbar on Google Chrome as far as I can tell, which is lamesauce.  Maybe I'll Google it once I stop being mad at Google...

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