Eyes of the Dome

Guess what I'm doing this summer?  I'm going to be in a TV show!  ...on YouTube.  Yeah, not as cool, but still cool.  It's going to be called Eyes of the Dome, and I'm doing it with some of my friends from forensics.  It's a zombie apocalypse story, and it's going to be awesome!  I get to play this character named Katelyn, who, with her friend Margo, meet a trio of refugees from the Infected.  The Infected were poisoned with a disease that was meant to be used as a weapon, but went horribly wrong.  As a result they try to kill people. So the five of them (Katelyn, Margo, Amy, Mitch, and Haden) are staying together in this house when one day someone from the government lands on their doorstep.  She claims to know secrets about Margo.  When Keith, another government official shows up, it becomes necessary to find a cure.

So yeah.  I could give spoilers but I won't.  Anyways, the main reason for my posting about this, beyond just being very excited for it, is because I'm going to be posting the videos here when we finish them, so you all can see them.  It'll be awesome, so you should come check it out.  And I will, eventually, catch up on my Doctor Who posts.  I haven't seen any new ones since last Friday, and won't until probably next Thursday or Friday, so I'll try to finish it all off.  It's funny because I have a friend who posted about the end of season 2, and how it made them cry on Facebook, when we were on season 1, episode 4.  And now we're way ahead of him.  It's funny.  Anyways, yes, I'll get to those posts presently.  In the meantime, reminisce with older episodes.

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