My Technical Week Off of School

Technically I have a week off of school.  Not exactly, though.  Technically.

See, it's the end of the quarter, or close to it, so I have no school tomorrow (Friday).  Then it's the weekend, obviously, but then it's Parent Teacher Conferences on Monday so there's no school then either.  Then I have just a one-hour class Tuesday.  Wednesday I'm taking the PSAT so I have no school that day either.  Then Thursday I have, again, only one hour of class.  So for the next week, I have two hours of class total.

Of course, that isn't including homework...I have a history midterm next week, a rough draft of a research paper due in two weeks, a summary-and-response paper for English to work on, a persuasive speech to start on, and some math...So I'm gonna do like three hours of homework a day or something for the next week.  That should be enough time...right?

With the rest of the time I'll sleep.  Enjoy my time off.  Catch up on shows with my mom.  I have a tournament on Saturday.  I'm not competing, I'm judging, and providing moral support for my novice, Sammie.  She's awesome.  She doesn't think so, but she really is awesome.  A different Sammie than the Sammi mentioned previously, fyi.  It gets confusing, I know.  Just remember, is there an e at the end?

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