It's been a long day.  I've been like dead tired all day, so I haven't been the best I could've been.  So like during school I mostly zoned out during my off period, when I was "hanging out" with people.  Then I got kind of pissed at the world after I took the gifted and talented test today (which was required for the whole school, but not announced until yesterday).  So I went to pay for the PSAT at Rocky, and it was really cold, and I parked wrong.  Then I ran into a couple of my friends, when I'd really been hoping not to run into anyone, because I just felt very out of it, and not myself.  But it happened.  Then I came home, and as soon as I came in my mom told me that we were going shopping.  At this point I was already pissed because my plan had been to be home by 10, at the very very latest, so I could make cookies, and work on an essay, and maybe get to some math homework, while watching Wallander...but instead it was after 11, and we were leaving.

I wasn't super pissed that we were going though.  We were going to JCPenny's, to look for a shirt for my  brother (the stunning duo competitor for forensics), and we ended up looking at some clothes.  I tried on some dresses, but then it was sort of sour because I didn't get to try on the dress I'd wanted to try on, and then all of the other ones I tried on didn't look good.  And it made me feel sad again about homecoming (more on that later).  And my mom thought I was pissed at her, but I wasn't.  I was just tired.  And zoned out.  So we came home, and she went to a meeting.  I made cookies, like I'd wanted, but then my dad came home, and interrupted my plans of watching YouTube videos and listening to Chameleon Circuit/Imagine Dragons (my "My Cold Thursday Playlist").  After he left, and I stuck the first batch of cookies in, I legitimately broke down crying.  Today didn't go how I'd wanted it to, and I just felt terrible.  And that continued for a good hour.

Then my mom and brother came home, and my mom told me that I had hurt her feelings by making her feel like I didn't really want to be spending time with her.  And now I'm just at the point where I'm insanely sick of today and I just want to go to sleep.  Because I'm so tired, and I just feel like crying about everything.

Today wasn't even a bad day, overall.  It was really fun to go to JCPenny's, and look at clothes.  I just...feel a little depressed, and I've been more tired today than I've been in a long time.  Even chocolate chip cookies didn't help.

But we're making homemade pizzas for dinner, and maybe we'll watch something fun.  And at the very least, I have sleeping later to look forward to.  And tomorrow.  Tomorrow should be good.  Better, anyway.

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