Time flew, huh?  Well, something I learned was that if you don't update your blog regularly, your views die...miserably...So here I am, posting.  I'll be honest:  I don't want to do a review of season 6, chunks or no chunks (still a gross word).  Suffice it to say, it's my favorite season.  And I don't like River as much as I do Rose...it's a problem I refuse to get over.

And...season 7 has started...and ended...I've seen the five episodes that have aired, and they were pretty good.  In fact, I just finished episode 5, the Angels Take Manhattan, like 20 minutes ago or something.  It was really good.  So basically, in season 7 part 1, we encountered Daleks (and *spoilers* Jenna Louise-Coleman before her official debut at Christmas), dinosaurs (on a spaceship), cyborgs, evil cubes, and weeping angels.  And we said goodbye to the Ponds (*tear*).  I'm not terribly sad for Amy, though I did like her.  I'm more sad for Rory, who's in my top two companions list.  Amy is number three.  (Number one is Rose.  Duh.)

Tonight we are feasting on some fish fingers, chips, and custard.  For those of you fellow Americans, fish sticks, french fries, and pudding. The perfect Doctor Who meal.  Now there's 85 days til the Christmas special, when Jenna Louise-Coleman will debut, and the Doctor is in Victorian England.  It looks like he'll be revisiting the Charles-Dickens-era, but hopefully minus the Charles Dickens (the last time we saw Charles Dickens, things got weird--watch Season 1, Episode 3).  But the Doctor gets a bowler hat, so even if Charles Dickens did show, I would be okay.

Let's see...other Doctor Who things...I think that's pretty much it.  Though...

I really loved how the Statue of Liberty was a weeping angel.  I'm sure most die-hard Whovians have seen the meme (either the Philosoraptor one, or the Confused Keanu one) where the memes ponder whether the Statue of Liberty is an angel, but has never moved because someone has always been looking at it...I always loved that idea, and to see it perpetuated...was awesome.  It was so cool.  Signing off!

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