A Fresh Start

Hello, all you who have read my blog in the past. I deleted all of my previous posts because I knew that if I was going to do blogging again, I would want a fresh start. The main reason for this is that the things that interested me then for the most part aren't as interesting to me now. I have many more things that demand my attention beyond "Pure Poetry" and narrations of the trips I've taken. So this blog will be different. It will be about the things that interest me: video games, LD debate, moral philosophy, writing, books, and Hindi/India. Much of it will be me word vomiting onto the internet, trying to understand my own thoughts--which will interest those of you who want to explore my thought process. But it will be me, and the things that I am interested in, and the things that pretty much make up my life. So, welcome, to the Buff-n-Stuff blog.

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