Reasons Why I Fail: 

*I still haven't started my vlog (I've written the script, but I have yet to film it)

*I haven't posted on here in forever

*I still have a few episodes of Doctor Who to post about

*I was pathetically unprepared for Nationals, and so was knocked out during the preliminary rounds

*I have missed two days of my Philosophy class already, because I was at Nationals, and now I can't go tomorrow either because I have a dentist appointment--making that three classes in a row

Reasons Why Life is Good:

*My summer has actually started

*I had an awesome week with my team

*I start work on Tuesday

*I'm posting on my blog now

*Doctor Who comes back in five months (to the day)

*I have a three month break from forensics before I start getting into gear to rock people's socks for the next forensics season

*Life is going to get crazy and really good

A friend of mine asked me what my goals were for the next year, and I told him that it would have to be

A) to not get overwhelmed by everything going on around me (because it's a lot)
B) to enjoy everything going on around me (because it's all good)

I need to not stress myself out about everything I have to do and when I have to do it, and just realize that life will always be busy, but I'll get it all done--and remember to not get so caught up in how much I have to do that I forget to have fun doing it.

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