Doctor Who S7: E10---Hide

In this episode, the Doctor and Clara go to an old house in the 1970's where an empathic psychic and an ex-military professor are trying to solve the mystery of a ghost, the Witch of the Well. I won't spoil the ending.

The ending was really cheesy, actually (the twist part) and I didn't overall love the second half of the episode. What I did like, though, was the chemistry between the Doctor and Clara. They had great little quotes and back-and-forth and conversation and things. It was really funny and fun and awesome. It's the first time this season (other than the first episode of Clara, and the Christmas episode) where Clara was really likable. I love Clara, and she's awesome. But she's been sort of a dead character the last two episodes (The Rings of Akhaten and The Cold War). It felt less like she was just being than that the writers were making her be. It felt like the writers were trying to tell us who she was, and not just letting us figure it out.

BUT this episode, we were able to just rest in who Clara was, and see how she works and how she and the Doctor work together. It was great. I'm also excited for the story of this season to move along a little more. There's always those stalling episodes that are more filler, but it feels like there have been a lot of those this season. But there's only...four episodes left (!) so it'll probably pick up speed soon. The next episode looks promising.

In other news, I've gotten two of my friends addicted to Doctor Who, and gotten another of my friends to watch some of the episodes (and he likes them!). So yay for expanding Whovian-ness.

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