Coming of Age (minus one)

In March I had my seventeenth birthday, which was interesting.

For starters, the Monday before my birthday, we moved houses. We're now living up in the mountains near *undisclosed location* and it's pretty cool. Maybe I'll give more details at a later date. So that Monday, and Tuesday, and even Wednesday, we were doing a lot of moving things from one house to the other, and cleaning, and unpacking. Then that Thursday was my birthday. We went to Red Robin, and Target, and TCBY, and Barnes and Noble. Then later that night, we (as in my brother and I) went to the high school we compete in forensics at, because we were leaving that night to go to the State Tournament. That was a really fun weekend. I made it to the top 16 in LD, which was pretty awesome. Then I got robbed of a round, and was knocked out. However, one of the people I'd beaten the first day (who got to stay in because of a wild card round) ended up being the State Champion.

So, basically, I beat the State Champion.

So that's my birthday. These last two months have been crazy, though, so I'll continue the story.

A couple of weeks later, we went to the Nat Quals tournament.

And I qualified.

I'm going to Nationals!!! So is my novice, who rocks socks. She went undefeated until her very last round, but she was still awesome, and the top qualifier. So nationals are in June, in Alabama. And that's very exciting. We got the topic today. Resolved: An oppressive government is more desirable than no government.

It's the most amazing topic ever, and I get to debate it at Nationals!!

Obviously, I'm very excited. So I've had about a month off of forensics, but I need to start doing practice again soon because it's next month, and we have the topic now. But it's also the last two weeks of school for me, which means lots and lots of work. I have two papers due on Friday, and two tests and a presentation next week. So there's too much, and I'm going just a little bit crazy. But I'll pull it out in the end. I always do.

But so far coming of age (minus one) has been cray-cray. I'm also looking for a job for the summer, and I'm starting summer school at the end of May (and taking a philosophy class) and then I'm taking 17 credits next semester. So that'll also be cray-cray. My coming-of-age-minus-one year is going to be insane.


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